What Kind Of Monster Would Torch A Disabled Kid’s Classic Mustang?

Random acts of violence can be disturbingly senseless. But this latest report out of Missouri is particularly heartbreaking.

The story involves one Nino Welcome, a seven-year-old kid whose rare genetic disorder (Lesch-Nyhan syndrome) has him confined to a wheelchair, and may very well for the rest of his life.

For his seventh birthday a few months ago, Nino got a Mustang. And not just any Mustang: a classic 1970 Mach 1 that was restored by his grandfather. Nino can’t drive it, maybe never will, but he loved riding in it and talking about it. His parents read him bedtime stories that revolve around him and the ‘Stang, and even had his wheelchair (which he named Mach 2) painted orange to match the car.

Now here comes the sad part: last week, in the middle of the night, some jackass broke the window and tossed in some lit fireworks while the Welcome family slept inside their Springfield home and the car sat parked in the driveway. Despite their best efforts, the fire completely destroyed the vehicle’s interior and much of the frame and bodywork.

“Vandalism and things like that aren’t random to the people it impacts,” Nino’s father Brett Welcome told KY3 News, as reported by The Drive. “It might be funny to throw fireworks into somebody’s vehicle but, when you destroy the happiness and the very thing that a disabled seven-year-old boy loves, it’s wicked. It’s disgusting.”

It’s questionable whether they’ll be able to repair the damage, but little Nino is apparently taking it like a champ. “Aside from saying some choice words about ‘those idiots being in big trouble,’ Nino has taken the news like a brave boy, the father wrote on Facebook. “He is sure that we can make it like new.” With no leads, the family’s asking for anyone with information related to the incident to come forward, and a crowdfunding effort has been set up to help the Welcomes repair or replace Nino’s beloved classic pony car.

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  • innotech .

    Can we submit this case to Overhaulin or one of those programs? Im sure Chip would love to help this kid and his parents out.

    • Christian

      let’s be real… Overhaulin Was nearly as fake as Pimp My rIDE.. :/

      • Benjamin B.

        At least Overhaulin tried to fix the cars. Pimp My Ride just painted the cars and added fancy stereo systems wired to the stock battery. Overhaulin at least bought new batteries and sometimes used a leisure battery. Gas Monkey can fix this Mustang. It might end up with BF Goodrich off-road tires, but it’ll be fixed. They did a Ferrari F40.

  • Bash

    Its just tears my eyes and broke my heart to read this… I with they get caught and get locked up in jail for a long long time.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    “What Kind Of Monster Would Torch A Disabled Kid’s Classic Mustang?”

    A pissed off jealous monster….

    But but now’s the chance to get him a REAL Mustang.

    • Liam Paul

      that is what I thought too. also a sad waste of human life

    • KidRed

      Versus a classic that aren’t made any longer and his grandfather restored? I’d take the grandpapa renovation any day.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        Well, I was speaking about a REAL classic, like a 64-68.

        • Cameron

          Your telling me a mach 1 mustang isn’t a classic? Gtfo..

          • Auf Wiedersehen

            1970?? GTFO.. It’s probably the least desirable…

  • Six_Tymes

    a Hilary supporter, or a trump hater. either way, same type of person.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Basically anyone in the US…right? :p)

    • Scott Carmichael

      Seems like you are the one with hate in your demeanor.

      • Six_Tymes

        the past year or so, its for all to see who the haters are, liars, violent bullies who destroy other peoples property. i don’t hate anyone so don’t bother trying to pick on me. or are you going to continue? if so, your one of them.

  • Eli Grinberg

    what an assholes!
    i hope some US car builders will make a gesture and repair the car.

    good luck!

  • Nathan Daniel Stroud

    It’s almost as if his private property was destroyed for the sake of it being private property. Hmmmm…(Soviet National Anthem intensifies)

  • fabri99

    A nazi kind of monster.

  • Eric Sin-Chan

    Absolutely awful. Who the f–k would do something this despicable to a 7-year old kid?

  • BlackPegasus

    How do you not have a some sort of security camera in front of your home? If the car isn’t garage kept then it may become a target for the knuckle draggers of society.

  • JimmyK

    Well Ford of America this is a nice time to step in.

  • CarCzarDesigner

    It is amazing how jealous people can be and what they will do. Time to clear out & organize the garage and park those cars inside it.

  • LJ

    How about we find the perpetrators, break their faces and then toss some fireworks down their throats?

  • KidRed

    Wow, what a frickin’ d-bag thing to do. It was obviously personal, so hopefully, they can track down those responsible. What a disgusting thing to do to anyone, let alone a 7yr disabled child.


  • John S.

    This appears to be a nice neighborhood, and I would think(hope) someone has a security camera in the vicinity of the incident. Also, this was not vandalism. This was targeted destruction of private property. The person who did this knows the family. Hopefully, he will brag about it to someone wth the balls to turn him in. I agree with “innotech”, It would be nice to see this car restored by Overhaulin. A great Christmas show Chip!

  • insurance scam.

  • Cameron

    Now im not saying its okay to do something like this but they are talking about this like the person KNEW the car belonged to a disabled 7 year old. Come on….. Also how do they know somebody broke the window and threw fireworks in? Were there any witnesses? Story doesn’t say.

  • thunder bolt

    A Trump sticker on the bumper gets your car toasted. Welcome to the liberal world.

  • LeStori

    One of Elron Musks safe and reliable wet Intelligence and not a dastardly AI he is so worried about.

  • Christian

    Fucking ANTIFA…

  • Benjamin B.

    FUCKING bastards. I am so sic of what people can do. Very sad news.

  • Matt Johnson

    That’s messed up. Destroying a decent Mustang. Evil bastard.