Zero-Owner Mitsubishi Evo IX MR Sells For $138k

A few days ago, we showed you a 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR with just nine miles on the clock selling on eBay for over $100,000. Now, the sale is over and the near-new JDM classic managed to fetch $137,954.

This Evo isn’t just a rare find because of its low mileage but also because it has never had an owner and was simply ordered by the South Coast Mitsubishi dealership in California and stored until Mitsubishi decided to pull the plug on the sports sedan after its 10th-generation.

Sitting beneath the vehicle’s eye-catching bodywork is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivering 286 hp and 289 lb-ft of torque. Working on conjunction with a manual transmission and an advanced all-wheel drive system, the Evo IX MR can reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than five seconds, brisk enough to scare some modern hot hatches.

Those who’ve driven an Evo will know it’s a car that can take a lot of abuse and thrives when taken to its limits. Here’s hoping the new owner doesn’t decide to lock it away and leave it virtually undriven.


  • Liam Paul

    Lol a fool and his money are soon departed

    • SteersUright

      Parted, not departed. Departed means the fool and his money took off together, like on a honeymoon or a sexy vacation. Parted means they went their own separate ways, were divided, separated.

  • I Can Only Dream

    If only Mits would go back to making cars like this and the 3000GT.

  • annon

    lotta money but would love to own an Evo myself

    • SteersUright

      I imagine a Focus RS is probably a better alternative for this type of car.

      • Fabio Fantone

        I’d take this over a new Focus RS any day of the week. The minds view dims when a car has been out of production for a while. These cars are an absolute blast to drive and handling is sublime.

        • SteersUright

          Most have written the same about the Focus RS, add modern touches, more power, and the torque-vectoring and I’d say a side-by-side comparison would favor the RS. I have to add, this was a great car in its time, legendary even. But, by today’s standards any performance comparison would unveil its weaknesses, of which I suspect there would be many. Not because it was a bad car in any way, but because of 11 years of auto-tech progress since its sale date.

          • Vassilis

            The EVO and the STI were more mechanical cars if that makes sense. The AWD system was more proper than that found on the Focus. It was pretty much ripped from the rally car. I reckon in terms of handling, feel etc the EVO would be better.


    • SteersUright

      Waste of garage space. lol.

  • Kaisuke971

    I’d understand if it was like a special edition or something, but this is just a plain grey Evo IX MR. Zero owner and no miles, but still.

  • Akira

    Are jdm fanboys the new boomers?

  • Dennis Scipio

    They gotta get rid of it somehow.

  • SteersUright

    Whoever bought it clearly has money to burn. Could’ve had so many brand new cars infinitely better than this thing which is neither a beauty nor a wold-class performer by modern standards. Example, in 2017 you can now buy cars like a ZL1, GT350R, Cayman GT4, M3 CSL, Vette Z06, Evora 400, Viper ACR, and too many others to list. Any of these look infinitely better inside and out and would destroy this thing on a track. Foolish amount of money spent on a car that will likely not be worth more than the amount spent for another 3-4 decades. However, if you’re rich and wanted a new toy, by all means then, enjoy!

    • Michael Cohen

      Stupid comment, there are a lot of classic cars out there selling for half a million or more and I promise you every car you named is probably infinitely better. You really believe a 1969 Dodge Daytona (especially in an ugly brown color) is better than those cars, well one sold for $900,000 at an auction.

      I am not saying the EVO is a classic or will be a classic, but judging by the over 80 bidders, it has as much of shot as any current car. It not always about performance or looks, many factors play a role. A car is worth how much somebody is willing to pay for it.

    • Fabio Fantone

      Destroy on a track? Beat maybe, but destroy is what they would do to a Prius.

      • SteersUright

        lol, I can’t argue semantics. But, yes, I do believe if this Evo was up against a 2017 Viper ACR for example, it would be left in the dust.

        • Fabio Fantone

          Agreed. But then the ACR would pretty much beat anything under $1Mil on a track!

    • rodriguez256

      Some people just like what they like.

      • SteersUright

        Totally agreed. And if you have the money, G-d bless. Was just pointing out alternatives under $138k that I think are leagues beyond this Evo with regards to their performance capabilities.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    So, someone paid $138k for a car that according to is worth, tops!, $26k….Nothing like leaving a dealership with a 10 year old Japanese car and $112,000 in depreciation.

  • FlameWater

    50 years from now this car will be worth $10 million dollars (sarcasm)

  • I always laugh at just how stupid people are. You paid what for a Shitsabushi? Evos or Sti never did anything for me. Ugly

    • Michael Cohen

      Who cares what something does for you, as if your opinion matters.

      “Hey Bob, I am about to buy this Supra for $50,000.”

      Bob replies, “Wait, what does Kyle Allen think?”

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