1/8 Mile EV World Record Now Stands At 4.89s Thanks To Danish Cousins

If you think that the True Cousins’ TC-X electric car isn’t tremendously quick, know that a Tesla Model S needs around two extra seconds to cover a standing 1/8 mile.

The fact that the TC-X managed to do it in just 4.89 seconds at 233 km/h (145 mph) makes it the new record holder for electric cars over this specific distance.

Two years ago, the TC-X had set its first 1/8 world record, with a time of 5.74 seconds, which just goes to show how far the True Cousins have come in terms of making this lightning-quick car, even quicker.

In fact, the TC-X will easily hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in about one and a half seconds, which is genuinely bonkers. Also, you can get a good sense of what type of acceleration we’re talking about just by watching the video below.

The second the car jumps off the line, you barely get a chance to blink once and it’s already gone past the 1/8 mile marker. Not bad for a couple of guys who got started 8 years ago using a small electric motorbike and two 12V lead batteries.