500HP Seat Leon Cupra 1M Is ‘Auto Emocion’ At Its Finest

This first-gen Seat Leon Cupra is a boy-racer’s dream, not only because it still looks good, but also because of its performance credentials.

According to the description of the video that follows, the heavily tuned version of this Leon Cupra delivers an impressive 500 horsepower. This makes it more powerful than any modern-day hot hatch, and it could even throw a punch at the latest BMW M3 – well, on paper at least.

We’re not exactly sure what its owner did to it to squeeze that much power out of the engine, or if it had a transplant over the years, as the only thing visible is that large intercooler behind the front bumper.

You can get a taste of what 500hp means in a compact hatch can in the following video filmed on the drag strip.