A Convoy Of 19 Porsche 918s Through The Alps Looks Like Bliss

Call us loners, but in most any circumstance, we’d much rather drive on our own than in a convoy. This video has us rethinking that, though.

Over the course of five days, the owners of nineteen Porsche 918 Spyders got together to drive the Route des Grandes Alpes – easily one of the greatest driving roads in the world.

The road covers some 1,500 kilometers of twists, turns, dips, and climbs, between Lake Geneva in Switzerland to the Mediterranean seaside town of Menton on the French Riviera (or vice versa). And while there are certainly faster ways to get between the two (like the TGV this writer once took from Geneva to Nice), this one looks like the most fun. Especially if you’re in a ride as sweet as a 918 Spyder… let alone 19 of them.

While we’d still be inclined to take the road ourselves (with or without a choice navigator riding shotgun), having another 18 like-minded fellow travelers, in identical machinery, with which to share the experience does sound enticing. Watch the two-minute clip below – complete with drone footage and thankfully enough engine noise cutting through the background music – and imagine yourself there… with or without the wingmen.