All-New Dacia Duster Officially Unveiled Ahead Of Frankfurt

After 7 years in production, the current Dacia Duster has been replaced by an entirely new generation.

Unveiled online ahead of its public premiere that will take place on September 12, at 11:10 CET (5:10 am EST), during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the budget SUV carries an evolutionary design, which should help it continue the success of its predecessor.

Changes include the extended grille, flanked by wider headlights with incorporated LED DRLs, a modified front bumper with a silver skid plate made from a scratch-resistant material and new creases on the bonnet. The new Dacia Duster also comes with black wing arch trims, new taillights that are similarly shaped to those of the Jeep Renegade, aluminum roof bars, 17-inch wheels and a new exterior color, called Atacama Orange.

Dacia says that the windscreen has been brought forward by 100mm (3.9in), and is more steeply raked, which frees some additional space in the cabin. However, images with the interior design have yet to be released, but the automaker describes it using words such as “completely redesigned”, “quality-feel”, and “new equipment”.

Those interested in the 2018 Dacia Duster should wait a couple of weeks to find out about its underpinnings, engine lineup, and safety gizmos, because the Romanian automaker will likely release them during the German event.


  • Looks cool! 🙂

  • Knotmyrealname

    Nice evolutionary change for the ‘Ruster’.

  • Dennis James

    It doesn’t look bad at all. The big problems with the Duster are the low EuroNCAP rating and interior quality. Hopefully we will see improvements.

    Edit: here is the interior:

    • Shtekeris

      Yep, I want to see the interior. But I’m pretty sure that full pack costs about as much as Juke, T-Roc and other great vehicles, so this looks great, but was lacking in quality in some parts.

      • Dennis James

        Well, it starts at 11.000 EUR and ends at 20.000 in my country. The T-Roc will probably start at about 18.000, and the Juke is too small (and ugly) for comparison.

        • Miknik

          In Germany, the T-Roc hgas been announced to start at slightly above 20k EUro, whilst a current Duster starts at 11k. so comparing them is hardly fair. And the T-Roc in base sepc is certainly not a luxurious vehicle, or well equipped, and even the top models have no soft touch Plastics anywhere inside, btw….

        • Shtekeris

          Yes, but Juke is 16’000 for decent package and interior is the same on all, while previous Duster feels very primitive and plastic in comparison.

          • Matt

            To be fair, the Juke’s interior is full of scratchy plastic and cheap-feeling controls. A lot of cost-cutting wherever you look. Looks ok though.

          • Shtekeris

            Yeah, but Duster’s interior just look very blocky, utility and worker like. It just could be nicer. Otherwise, great looking budget car.

    • Vassilis

      Safety should definitely improve but to be honest this car is so attractive because it’s cheap. It’s like the old Lada Niva. If a drastic interior quality improvement will mean an increase in price, I’m not sure it should happen.

    • dj_aris

      The low EuroNCAP rating is a big problem IMHO. Ugly, slow of nasty-plastic quality cars have their own (budget-oriented) market, but satefy is a big concern for anyone that wants to carry his/her family around.

      • Dennis James

        Correction: the Duster is neither ugly nor slow. Actually on the outside it looks much better than many more-expensive small SUVs. And it has some highly-regarded engines like the Renault 1.5 DCI.

    • seriously

      its a SUPER cheap suv how nice are you expecting this thing to be????? Thats like the idiot saying a Duster compared to a Juke feels plastic???? what do you think theyre putting in a Juke wood aluminum and leather its all cheap plastic….A porsche Macans entire interior is nothing but plastic but were arguing over why a super cheap suv uses plastic…idiots

  • Vassilis

    Such a cool car.

  • Deckard_Cain

    Looking good!

  • fabri99

    Looks fantastic. I love this rugged and futuristic styling and I’m pretty confident it will do good, if fairly priced (as it has always been). I like where Dacia is heading and I wouldn’t be surprise to see them grow even more in the next few years.

    • TheHake

      They sell well and this will ensure it keeps selling well!

  • StrangerGP

    Looks great, maybe except for the Renegade taillights.

  • joey

    This is evolution done right.

    • donald seymour

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • This works as a facelift for me. It looks cool though, can’t hate on it.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    May: GOOD NEWS!
    Hammond & Clarkson: What?!
    May: The new Dacia Duster is unveiled!


    sandero suv confirmed

  • TheHake

    Love it! Hope the interior is better than the previous once though! That was terrible.

  • Rares
  • haudit

    Simple, clean, handsome – evolutionary design done properly. I hope Volkswagen and Audi are taking notes.

  • Dennis Scipio

    It’s a good evolutionary design almost looks more like a facelift than a redesign, but I wished it didn’t use Half-Pill shaped door handles, still looks very 1990s-2000s.

    • haudit

      They’ll continue to use the same door handles as the rest of the Dacia range to keep the prices as low as possible.

      • Ilbirs

        By what I saw in this car, no only the handles are the same we see in second-gen Logan and Sandero but from these models the new Duster also takes the same front doors, A-pillars and windshield, like what was done to the first-gen incarnation, that took from the first-gen Sandero the same parts. I’ll put below some side profile images for comparison:

        Looking close at the front doors of the new Duster, you can see a rising crease near where the hinges which line is continued by the shape of the front fenders, in the same way you see in Logan and Sandero. The bottom part of this same door has a shape that for me is the same we see in these two models. Some people that look these pictures in another story about the same subject noticed that windshield inclination is the same in the three models and I analyzed more carefully the greenhouse and I have the impression that the windows arches of the front doors are the same.
        Unfortunately the silver color of this new Duster doesn’t help us to see better the things and we must wait for better pictures. In some videos I watched, seems that the key cylinder is located on the same position saw in Logan and Sandero. If this impression is confirmed, it’ll only testify favorably for the guys who take care of Dacia that they reached a state of art level of how to share some panels across their main models, including the best-selling one, without making them looking the same despite the evident similar parts.

  • sidewaysspin

    Better looking than the new cayenne suv.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Great when bought cheaply.

  • Now ,i like it more !!
    but is a face-lift ,)

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