Audi Patent’s Tech That Calculates A Hybrid’s Most Efficient Route

Audi has patented an intriguing piece of technology which allows a hybrid vehicle to find the most fuel efficient route for a given journey.

The patent, recently published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, involves the navigation system examining the route and determining the most frugal way to reach the destination . Depending on how much charge the battery has, the route will vary.

Things get even more in-depth from there. If the driver so desires, the system could find a route that uses only battery power or alternatively, one that uses the electric motor and internal combustion engine in tandem.

In the patent Audi says that owners of plug-in hybrids traditionally want to maximize their fuel efficiency and ideally, travel to certain destinations solely on electric power. Consequently, the marque says that “the electric driving experience [is] increased but the carbon dioxide emissions or also the emission of other pollutants in driving operation may also be decreased.”

Like other great ideas, this one offers a rather simple solution to consumer demand, frequently calling for more fuel-efficient vehicles, and can be expected to feature in Audi production cars in the not too distant future.


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    Irrelevant, most people with Audi want to waste no time in a car… So the quickest is more valuable (and just sell EVs already instead of those ideas)

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    nice vw passat interior on the picture