BMW Drops More Camouflaged X2 Official Images

In case yesterday’s photos weren’t convincing enough, this new batch of images released by BMW themselves clearly offer us a better look at their upcoming urban-oriented crossover.

In BMW’s own words, their latest Sports Activity Coupe was sent on an exploration trip into the urban jungle, which is where the automaker anticipates most X2 owners will reside.

As for the car’s colorful outfit, it’s a wrap featuring orange, gray and black highlights, with a little bit of yellow on the bottom. According to BMW, this design was based on a digital pattern, expressing the “innovative spirit and future orientation of the BMW Group.”

Thanks to these new images, we can take an even closer look at the car’s rear end, which appears even more aggressive when viewed from a low angle, such as the one where the car is stopped at the light.

Once BMW removes the camouflage and actually starts displaying the car in their showrooms across the globe, potential X2 customers will find themselves considering whether or not this new BMW model is worth buying over the likes of the Audi Q2.