Ferrari 458 Spider Involved In Hit-And-Run Incident At The Nurburgring

An overeager Ferrari driver made contact with another car mid-corner, despite the fact that there was plenty of room for both.

To make matters worse, it would appear that the driver of the 458 Spider didn’t even pull over in order to assess the damage, on both his ride as well as the car he had just ran into.

Someone who claims to have been at the Ring’s exit barrier states that the driver of the Ferrari was eventually caught by track officials, so hopefully he ended up reimbursing the other driver for any damages.

This is a really unfortunate incident, especially since the guy with the helmet cam was extra careful to make enough room for the 458, looking in his left-hand mirror constantly in order to gauge the position of the Italian exotic.

In the end, it didn’t even matter since the Ferrari driver decided to make room for himself (inadvertently), even though there was no need for it. We can easily mark this one down to driver error, plus really poor judgement.


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