Here’s How To Take Your Golf Where No Other Golf Has Gone Before

While performing this type of conversion wouldn’t be at all easy in real life, these renderings do seem inspiring enough as to make you forget all about the VW Golf Alltrack.

The Alltrack remains VW’s most off-road capable Golf version, and seen as how it’s basically just an Estate model with all-wheel drive, calling it “more capable” isn’t exactly saying much.

That’s where something hypothetical could come in, something much like these sand dune-conquering Safari modded VW Golfs, drawn up by automotive designer Mo Aoun.

They feature massive BFGoodrich tires, a ground clearance for the ages, roof-mounted lights, snorkels and some extra body protection both in the front as well as out back.

While it’s true that nowadays you can go on a fun safari in lots of very capable SUVs, one would think you’d feel even more confident driving something as imposing as one of these “alternate Earth” Golfs.

All you need is the Golf R’s 310 PS (306 HP) TSI engine and you’d be good to go.


  • Kash

    I wish i had gotten pictures, but someone did have a lifted 3 door mk5 golf for sale here in Vegas not too long ago. It was actually pretty cool.

  • Are we going to this, rendering 4x4s, with every car on the planet?

    • Zandit75

      They ran out of luxury cars to make utes from, so what do you expect them to do??!!

  • KidRed

    Would look better if they used and actual Golf. The Golf doesn’t have a rear window. Why not use an actual Golf for this Golf rendering? The size looks closer to a Jetta wagon. Pointless rendering.