Historic Porsche Police Fleet Meets In The Netherlands

Due to the absence of a speed limit on motorways in the 1960s, the Dutch police needed to find a suitable vehicle for high-speed patrol.

The list of requirements was hard to fill, as it had to be mechanically reliable, handle well, stop on a dime, and have an open top, which would help officers stand up to direct traffic, so they turned to Porsche to supply the cruisers.

From 1962 to 1966, a bunch of 356s were chosen to wear the Rijkspolitie colors, and the year after, they also ordered several 911 Targas. In total, 507 Porsche sports cars have worn the special livery, including the 914, 924, and 964, and this made it the largest Porsche police fleet in the world.

To celebrate this part of motoring heritage, a Dutch team of collectors gathered earlier this month with their precious rides, supported by Porsche Classic Center Gelderland and Porsche Netherlands. And to mark the occasion, they also wrapped a 918 Spyder in the matching livery, to the delight of bystanders.

These vehicles are hard to find on the used car market, but digging constantly could land enthusiasts their very own used Dutch police car, and depending on how well preserved it is, one example could set them back for at least $100,000.