BMW X2 Puts On Colorful Wrap In First Official Images

Even though the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is only a month away, BMW were nice enough to dress up one of their X2 crossovers and send it out for a photo shoot wearing a unique camouflaged wrap.

These images were first released exclusively by lifestyle blog Highsnobiety, who views the X2 as a stylish car that’s meant to be at its best within the urban jungle.

In fact, the idea behind this photo shoot was to see how the car looked in a Metropolitan environment, where thanks to its sloping roof line and aggressive front end, we reckon it will fit right in with all the small trendy crossovers that have been launched in recent years.

We can also see that the car does indeed have a C-pillar badge underneath the camouflage, which is something we’ve been wondering about ever since those patent images dropped last month – seems like it’s going into production that way. The rest of the car doesn’t really say much else in terms of things we didn’t already know. Aside from the C-pillar badge, the X2 will also be BMW’s first-ever model where the bottom of the kidney grille is longer than the top.

Appearance aside, the BMW X2 will be sharing a significant amount of hardware with its sister model, the X1. This means it will feature front-wheel drive as standard, with xDrive all-wheel drive available as an option.

While Europe is expected to get a wider range of petrol and diesel power units, US buyers will reportedly be able to purchase the X2 in either sDrive28i, xDrive28i or xDrive35i form. Naturally, a plug-in hybrid model could surface a little later on.


  • Bash

    It will be good, Bland like the others, but good!

  • Charlie Medina’s Smiling Coach

    compared to the concept version this is a dumpy, bloated joke.

  • Kash

    The rims look super cheap and kinda like ones you’d find on a Hyundai Tucson, except the ones you do find on the Tucson look better than these.

  • TheHake

    So the X2 is the spiritual successor to the 1st gen X1…

    • Stefano

      As a former 1st gen X1 owner, it’is exactly what I thought looking at these pictures.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Since these vehicles are pretty much all the same, wouldn’t you just get the Hyundai version and call it good?