Volkswagen Scirocco To Become A 300 HP Electric Coupe

Volkswagen doesn’t just intend on launching its Golf-sized I.D. hatchback but according to Auto Express, is also developing an all-new Scirocco coupe with the same electric MEB platform.

The German company says the Scirocco EV could be one of the “emotional cars” it needs in its forthcoming range of electric vehicles and said it may adopt a similar shape to the most recent Scirocco.

It is reported that courtesy of the MEB platform, the new two-door coupe could be fitted with a number of different batteries to alter range between 200 and 375 miles. The flexibility of MEB will also allow VW to install different powered electric motors with entry-level models most likely to use a 170 hp motor powering the front wheels. Elsewhere, the range could include a 300 hp version with both front and rear electric motors sending power to all four wheels.

From a design standpoint, the new Scirocco will inevitably adopt design cues from the I.D. hatchback and combine them with the two-door coupe shape of the current car.

Discussing the possibility of the car, Volkswagen research and development boss Dr Frank Welsch said “For me, we can only use [Scirocco] for a sporty two-door coupe.

“We are not clear on how we will do such a car, and are thinking whether we do an interesting concept based on our electric platform; this could be a great and fun car.

“We are thinking about options for a new small coupe. We are working on a concept for emotional cars. Volkswagen always has an offer for emotional cars,” he said.



  • roy I drew this back in May this year and the name of this one was incidentally VW Sirocco I.D.


      • roy

        Well I will have to do a bit of a research and thinking on that one.

      • Finkployd

        oh it’s clearly all in the wheels


          • roy

            Yes for sure

    • OdysseyTag

      Not a fan of overhangs I see? Great concept though, do quite a few of them myself 🙂

      • James Denz

        That’s not a concept. It’s the current Scirocco.

        • OdysseyTag

          Uhmm, in case it wasn’t obvious, I’m talking about the sketch.

      • roy

        Well thank you first of all. And secondly I like overhangs. But considering this is an EV overhangs can be eliminated to a great extent in order to increase the internal spaces and for better stability.

    • Wandering_Spirit

      Nice design. Just not EV please!

      • roy

        Unfortunately it is an EV based on the upcoming MEB platform of the VAG group.

  • TheHake

    Urgh… another lawnmower.

  • Six_Tymes

    Sounds like a good idea, BUT it will be heavy, as no current battery packs are light. maybe they have something lighter in weight planned? I hope so!

    • realist50

      All EVs are heavy, but with instant torque it’s not as much an issue. (Oh and properly sized brakes) It still will have killer 0-60 time, and they could do an “R” version with the equivalent of ludicrous mode(just cause it’s really fun…)

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I’m okay with this. Renault obviously won’t, nevermind bring it to the U.S., so I’ll take what I can get.

  • BobV12

    Lol, emotions at VW is when you get busted cheating, not driving their cars

  • Vassilis

    Clever way to replace the Scirocco.

  • AstonMartin

    Absolutely thrilled at the possibility of VW making an EV version of the Scirocco. Its an amazing car that sadly was not available in North America. Incorporating a coupe EV strategy in addition to ID sedans creates the perfect niche for a car company that’s rooted in fun and efficient driving. I hope this plan gets swift approval and importantly, Scirocco fans in North America want the opportunity to purchase this 300+HP/AWD EV dream.


    This could be a winning strategy.

  • S3XY

    Pretty sweet looking car actually. I’d drive that.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    “The German company says the Scirocco
    EV could be one of the “emotional cars” it needs in its forthcoming
    range of electric vehicles and said it may adopt a similar shape to the
    most recent Scirocco”

    One of my dreams has always been to drive a Scalectrix washing machine. I feel so “Emotioned”. Here is the whole range:

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