2018 Nissan Leaf Has A 150-Mile Range And Costs $29,990

Well, after months of eager anticipation, the 2018 Nissan Leaf has arrived, complete with an all-new design and powertrain that promise to take it to unexplored heights.

Set to premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the all-new Leaf will go on sale in early October in Japan before arriving in the U.S., Canada and Europe in early 2018. U.S. prices start at $29,990 before incentives.

Powering the EV is a 40-kWh lithium-ion battery pack mated to an electric motor delivering 147 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. In the U.S., Nissan says the EPA-estimated range sits at 150 miles while under the more generous European testing regime, it has a publicized cruising range of 235 miles (378 km). In both markets, it takes 16 hours to charge the battery via a 3kW plug, 8 hours from a 6kW plug and supports a quick charging function that tops up a depleted battery to 80 per cent in 40 minutes.

As outlined throughout the lead up to the launch, the new Leaf adopts a number of advanced technologies which the outgoing model didn’t have.

Perhaps the most important of them all is ProPILOT, the Japanese automaker’s single-lane autonomous driving technology. The system can automatically control the distance to the vehicle in front at speeds between 19 mph (30 km/h) and 62 mph (100 km/h) and can also steer the vehicle and ensure it remains centered in its lane. If needed, the system can bring the Leaf to a complete stop and a simple touch of the accelerator will reactivate ProPILOT.

Also found within the ProPILOT suite is an autonomous parking function that uses 12 ultrasonic sensors around the car to guide the Leaf into a parking space.

Another intriguing addition to the 2018 Leaf is the e-Pedal. Offered as standard equipment, it allows the driver to accelerate, decelerate, stop and hold the car all through the accelerator pedal. Nissan claims that the single-pedal setup can be used for more than 90 per cent of an average driver’s needs.

Further technology features in the latest-gen Leaf include Intelligent Lane Intervention, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Intelligent Around View Monitor.

Both the exterior and interior designs are dramatically different from the old model introduced in 2010. The overall shape of the EV is far less quirky, there’s a host of more refined lines and an all-together more mature design. Among the standout features are the new headlights and taillights, faux front grille and thick C-pillars.




  • Nihar

    Looks good!

    • Christian Cerna

      Not really. It’s kind of ugly. Even the Versa looks nicer than this.

      • Eythan Aldrich

        hate to bother you but your opinion is spreading like wildfire…..please don’t interfere with your negative opinion to there’s

    • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

      it does , but is it worth worth not paying an extra 10 gran to get a tesla model 3

      • Extras

        …depends if you have the extra 10 grand..??

        or on a similar note, pay the extra and get the Tesla S over the model 3, instead…?

    • jfalckt

      It does look good, much more substantial looking.

    • trentbg

      Much better than the first gen. They finally got on board with much better looking and modern headlights.

  • gor134

    Not beautiful, but a much needed redesign and much better looking than the previous model

    • Kenneth

      It would have to be quite a challenge to design a subcompact car with maximum interior space for 4 adults – within its minimal exterior dimensions – AND make it beautiful. I can’t think of any.

  • Jason Miller

    60-kWh battery coming soon for 220 mile range, which isn’t mentioned here.

    • EM1

      wish it has dual motor, need AWD up here in the NE.

  • C172fccc

    I don’t like how visible the little door where you plug the car is.


    • eb110americana

      I don’t even care that it’s visible, there’s just too damn many cut lines across the nose. Like they couldn’t figure out how to hide it in the fake grille? Or just keep the one ugly line connecting the headlights, and make that whole panel open.

      The car is a massive improvement, stylistically, over the original Leaf, but the cutlines, and the tacked-on rocker panels really take away from the design.

      • Christian Cerna

        It is a pretty ugly design. One of Nissan’s uglier cars in their lineup. It definitely isn’t a new Leaf. It’s more of an update. Like a Leaf 1.5

      • Denzel

        They should have pulled a Lexus on this one and made the grill/nose the whole width till it touched the headlights. Well not the whole front just the black area to fill it in

    • Dennis James

      It seems that they have just used it as a design element, to break the ugly hood horizontal line. That’s why it is oversized. If the charging must be done on the front, I like the Renault approach, the charging port is under the the front emblem.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I expected too much.

  • Carlos Gamarra

    It looks really good imo


    • Christian Cerna

      Yeah, I agree. The interior looks nice. But the exterior looks ugly. It will not age well. In a few years it will look outdated. By then, Chevy will have produced a better Bolt. One with a 300 mile range. So will other car manufactures. Everyone is getting into the EV game.

  • Dennis Scipio

    It’s all right, but nothing that will make you say wow at.

  • Christian Cerna

    The interior looks nice. But the exterior is kind of disappointing. But then again, you can say that about most Japanese cars now adays. It’s like Japanese car designers have lost the ability to make aesthetically pleasing cars. The early 1990’s was the pinnacle of Japanese car design language.

    You can tell they used the old Leaf’s frame and just made minor changes to the exterior. And that two tone paint job makes it look kinda tacky.

  • Six_Tymes

    it looks great. BUT $29,990 before incentives, with EPA 150m? ummmm, no thanks

  • TheBelltower

    Looks good, in a functional way. However, any car that doesn’t hit a 200 mile range is missing a psychological mark for many buyers.

  • Honda NSX-R

    150 mile range? I guess it won’t attract as many Model 3 consumers.

  • GTR nismo

    looks good IMO

  • S3XY

    Overall not a clean design. Model 3 and S are the epitome of clean design in the car world. And not just for EV’s.

    Strange no one else can design clean looking EV’s.

  • Bash

    Way much better than the ongoing model, but a 150 mile range!

  • sidewaysspin

    No range and takes hours to charge, I don’t see the appeal, and it’s also very slow and expensive. Electric cars still have a long way to go until they are a sensible choice over traditional cars for me at least.

  • Mr E Fella

    Why do Nissan insist on making their cars look cheap and low-end? Brands like Nissan and Mitsubishi have really lost it when it comes to design. This would have been ok a decade ago, but not now.

  • gary4205

    Actually a decent looking car.

    The Chevy Bolt will go about 100 miles further on a charge, but the Leaf is about $10,000 less.

    If you just need a work car and a grocery getter, this souped up golf cart would do nicely.

  • ZeeeG

    Now THIS is what I call a FACELIFT… NOT the efforts from zeee Germans!

  • Shame the ‘ProPilot’ doesn’t work at UK motorway cruising speed, just 8mph more and it would be a great asset.

  • Marty

    Really ugly. But at least it’s ugly in the same smashed crab way as conventional Japanese cars, not in a EV specific way. I have to view that as an improvement.

  • Vassilis

    The EU version looks better but this doesn’t look as good as it looked on a leaked picture of a few months ago.


    looks like micra on pulsar design

  • Infinite1

    Better looking leaf, the rear hatch is a mini Murano.

  • atomiccow

    Is the frontal overhang of this car excessively large? In some photos it appears to be, but in others it seems similar to most front-wheel drive cars.

  • Sébastien

    EU version… No that’s UK version

  • SteersUright

    Thought it was a Honda at first glance. Range is a bit low, relegates it to city commutes only. A 2nd car and still a novelty rather than a true alternative.

  • Six Thousand Times

    Bit of a fatty.

  • Sybill Julian

    bad on the back

  • Bob

    While it looks 100% better than the previous model it still uses the ugly design language of the entire Nissan line, which IMHO is one of the most unattractive among all manufacturers. Don’t know what the hold up is with the 200 mile plus range model. Big mistake to release a model with only 150 miles range (summer) more like 120 (winter) when all the other serious players out there are release over 200 miles of ‘real’ range. While the back seat looks comfy I wonder if they added any legroom because the old model was very confining for adults taller than 5′ 10″. Of course the Volt is the same way… nice new design but no leg room in the back seat. The Bolt uses short narrow seats to make their cars look roomier but the end result is a very uncomfortable seat cushion for longer than 30 minutes of driving.

  • Enter Ranting

    Homely on the outside, drab on the inside.

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