405 HP BMW M2 CS To Be Limited To 1000 Units

Prior to the BMW M2 CS’s launch next year, Spanish publication Motor.es has received some additional information about the model.

As the name implies, the M2 CS will be a more potent version of the popular M2 and rather than a single-turbo straight-six, will use the twin-turbo six of the M4, detuned to deliver approximately 405 hp.

When the order books open for the M2 CS in January 2018, customers will be able to opt between the four standard colors of the existing M2; Alpine White, Sapphire Black, Long Beach Blue and Mineral Gray. Both Sunset Orange and Silver Hockenheim will also be offered.

Unlike the M4 CS which has production capped at 3,000 units, a mere 1,000 examples of the M2 variant are bound for production. You can be assured that every single one of them will quickly be accounted for.

It’s unclear if BMW will offer the CS with box a six-speed manual gearbox and a dual-clutch transmission or just the DCT.

Production is set to commence in March and the first deliveries are tipped for May.


  • Six_Tymes

    its all very impressive. But, DID THEY FIX THE DRIVERS SEAT FROM BEING CANTED? NO, I thought not. I’LL PASS.

    • Dennis James

      Every iconic car needs to have some quirks to boost its personality, otherwise it wouldn’t remain an iconic car in history. In other words, nobody cares that you’ll pass 🙂

      • Six_Tymes

        hahahaha! your too funny. you call a canted drivers seat in a performance car a quirk? Buy one then.

    • heavystarch

      Have you driven an M2?
      How much did the slight angle to the seat affect your driving pleasure?

    • An Existing Person

      You are just about the only person that has made this claim about the M2, let alone the 2-Series in general. Not even on BMW forums has this problem arised.

  • Dennis James

    The M3/M4 engine was all that was needed for the M2 to really match or even surpass the 1M as an iconic BMW. The M2 should have had this engine from the very beginning. The current N55 engine is not worthy of an M car. But now it may really be too late, the competition in the price range (it will probably be very close to the M4) is quite tough. The M2 is also not very light either, but the shorter wheelbase compared to the M4 and other cars will be in its advantage.

  • fabri99

    It will be a fantastic car for sure, but how much will this thing cost? The M2 is already extremely expensive, the price for the CS will be just ludicrous.

  • An Existing Person

    The M2 has so much potential to be even more great than it is, but BMW keeps holding back to not step on the heels of the M4.