Corvette C8 Could Be Launched Next Fall With A Small Block V8 Engine

After years of speculation, Chevrolet is finally going to build a mid-engine Corvette.

Expected to debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, the all-new model will reportedly be launched by next fall.

Chevrolet hasn’t said much about the car but Automobile Magazine is reporting the model will be powered by a small block V8 engine. There’s no word on specifications but the report suggests the model could eschew the turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 that is expected to power a number of new Cadillac vehicles including the 2020 Escalade.

While it sounds odd the Corvette wouldn’t be equipped with the company’s newest engine, the report suggests that particular engine could see use in a Cadillac version of the sports car. The two models would obviously feature unique styling and the different powertrains would help to further distinguish them.

The Cadillac variant is little more than a rumor at this point but when the next Corvette arrives, it could cost significantly more than today’s model which starts at $55,495. Estimates vary widely as the report says pricing could start anywhere between $65,000 and $95,000.

The model is expected to be sold alongside the C7 for up to a year and that will give fans a chance to pick up the C7 ZR1 which is expected to have more than 700 hp (522 kW).

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  • MatTa Ddor

    I HoPE SO

  • Mark S

    Chevy will find they will always need to offer a Front Engine Corvette. We will see what the Zora does.

    • SgtBeavis

      This is something I’ve been thinking on. Will they keep TWO Corvette models? I guess it depends on whether the C8 is in the same price range as the C7 or if it will be a significantly more expensive care. At the moment it seems like they are going with just one model. Frankly I think the Corvette name should be an independent brand with multiple cars.

      • DM

        I agree! To me a Corvette should have a long long hood and just RWD proportions. I’m not a die hard fan to say I’m against a mid engine Chevy car, but I do feel the Corvette name should remain for the car we all know. I hope they keep the 2 models.

        • Mill0048

          There was a time when Chevy was talking about making Corvette a stand alone brand. Maybe this is the beginnings of that move.


  • fabri99

    I’m so hyped for a mid-engined Corvette that I fear it ma never meet my VERY VERY high expectations.


  • Honda NSX-R

    When is the ZR1 coming out?

  • Craig

    I think a mid-engined Corvette is actually a silly idea. The Corvette doesn’t need it. It should be a Cadillac. And ONLY a Cadillac. There’s a reason the LFA wasn’t a Toyota.

    • Haha, not sure about Cadillac, let’s leave Cadi alone and try to be seen again as luxurious as RR. But funny, Corvette is seen as Chevy only in North America. The rest of the world sees Corvettes, only as Corvettes. Unlike the Camaro. Corvette could become a brand, it already has a unique identity. But is it necessary? Nissan can sell a GTR and a Leaf, Chevy has great sports cars.

      • Astonman

        Corvette buyers don’t see them as Chevy’s. I know a lot of Corvette owners with a few Corvette clubs. General Motors feels the same way. In their mind Corvette is a stand alone that happens to be at a Chevrolet dealership.

      • Craig

        So was it a mistake for Cadillac to make CTS-V’s and ATS-V’s? Fact is.. the Corvette doesn’t need to bolster its image. It’s engraved in stone. Everyone already knows what it is. [As you yourself said] But Cadillac needs something extraordinary to make everyone go… WOW!

    • Vassilis

      The Corvette is a sport car. Cadillac is connected more with luxury and comfort. A mid-engine super/sport car doesn’t fit that image.

      • Craig

        Like the LFA didn’t fit Lexus?

        • Vassilis

          Toyota didn’t have a sport brand. The LFA would have either been that or a Lexus. Obviously they’d go for the most prestigious one.

          • Craig

            Toyota has had TRD for years now.

          • vantageman1

            and for years in having TRD what model was ever badged as a TRD model???? TRD isnt M, AMG, SVT, or like Cadillacs V models…..The LFA was a Lexus because the brand had a stodgy image and the LFA was supposed to change that…..

          • Craig

            There have been some. This 2017 truck for instance. But even if that doesn’t count – so what? That said… I’m staying with my first thought. That mid-engined ‘super car’ should be a Cadillac. And I’ll used your argument to support that thought. “… because the brand has a stodgy image and [this mid-engined supercar] could change that..”


          • Vassilis

            I feel like you’re trying to be smart here and you aren’t thinking before posting something. TRD is a tuning arm, they don’t build cars. Let’s skip the obvious parts please. The LFA could have either been a Toyota or a Lexus. Of course they’d go with the more prestigious brand.

          • Craig

            About TEN hours ago I responded to that very thought. But if you were smart you have noticed that. THINK next time before you post something and embarrass yourself.

          • Vassilis

            I’m not the one who’s embarrassing himself here 😀 I don’t read the whole thread every time I want to reply to someone. I reply to their post from Discus’ shortcut at the top of the comment section. So I didn’t even see your reply which was directed at someone else. Maybe you should have thought before posting that there is more than one way to read the comments and not everyone does it the same way you do it.

          • Craig

            Go away!

      • Orlando Navarrete

        Who cares where the engine is, as long as its fast and it says corvette

        • Vassilis

          Well, a mid-engined car has different balance and dynamics than a front-engined RWD. It matters a lot.

  • If it becomes a C8 along side the C7… why not. Making Corvette a brand? Why not. But who is asking for that? Better be a success or it will end up a joke and damaging to the Corvette name, values… Isn’t the Corvette now and for years a simple thing, with a big american V8, that has a trunk you can use, but can give the finger to Porsche, Ferrari… F%#?& ‘ Yeah Merica of Sports Cars? That actually became a good sport car in recent years? If they make the NSX of 2017 people were really hoping for … could be great.

    • Astonman

      “If they make the NSX of 2017 people were really hoping for … could be great.”
      Spot on.

  • alecs

    I hope they don´t forget high performance versions with a big – engine from GM,and,as a Corvette,I think is nice I think this car will be amazing,nobody lost to wait!!!!

  • carlbolt

    Are you sure this is not the Aussie Holden “Ute” thing?

  • Zandit75
    • Tumbi Mtika

      I WANT THIS!!!


  • gary4205

    I’m all for a mid-engine Vette, but GM would be insane not to keep the Stingray not only in production, but to continue it’s development for decades to come.

    There’s a market for a $60K world class sports car.

  • MarkP

    The Corvette Action Center broke this news back in June. Automobile magazine is just catching up…

  • john1168

    Personally, I don’t see a Caddy version happening. I could be wrong but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. I DO see Corvette becoming a, sort of, mini-brand within Chevy (if it’s not already) and having 2 offerings. The first is the traditional front engine/rear wheel drive version (perhaps a C7.5) and the second a mid-engine Zora version.

    I remember reading about 6 or so months ago that the quad cam V8 was going to be delayed for the mid engine Vette and that it would first come out with a single cam OHV engine and then the second year of production, it would have the quad cam engine. Personally, I thought it was stupid to do that but that’s what I read.

  • ejd1984

    Chevrolet is finally getting their V8 Fiero. 🙂

    • Tumbi Mtika

      Well, it’s not like Pontiac will do it.

      Hahahaha…ha. :'(

  • Benjamin B.

    Current C7 comes with a small block V8 as well. GM doesn’t sell any vehicle with a big block anymore. I’m not sure GM even sells big block crate engines anymore. Small blocks have overtaken big blocks long ago. There’s no reason to invest in that technology. No reason. The LS series engines are all small blocks.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    I just want a fucking ZR1 and Cien.

    I don’t need a mid-engined Vette.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Doing a whole new platform, and mid-engine mind you, and only putting a V8 in it will a weak, weak move. It HAS to be a different engine if they are changing platforms.

    • Matt


      • Auf Wiedersehen

        They would be saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen! The Corvette platform has drastically changed and evolved into something amazing! buuut we just couldn’t quite design a whole new engine to go with it. Sorry!…we know, business as usual.” People would be like “Oooooh amazing new design! Exciting new direction…. oh wait! it’s got the old engine?!” Take the idea right up to the edge then stop 1′ short. If they do that, they might as well drop an old greasy oil dripping V8 from a 73 C10 Cheyenne pick-up in it. I’d call it the reverse resto-mod.

  • SteersUright

    I still dont understand the logic of calling this a Corvette. Cap the Corvette at 600hp with rear-drive and produce a new mid-engine sports car as a proper alternative package. Bmw can sell both an M3 and an i8. It doesn’t need to call the i8, “an electric M3, mid-engine version”. Audi can sell an RS5 coupe and an R8. It doesn’t need to call the R8 a “mid-engine RS5 V10 edition”. Corvettes are front-engine, rear-drive, V8 sports cars by definition. Automaker marketing decisions have always confounded me.
    Also, am I the only one that doesn’t see the proportions of a beautiful mid-engine car in the spy shots? It looks like a very early development mule with no elegance to its shape. Hopefully that is just the case and they dont go all slab-sided “XLR” with the shape of this new “Corvette”.

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