Owner Of Donkey That Mistook Orange McLaren For A Carrot Fined $7,000

Last fall, a McLaren 650S Spider owner got a bit of a surprise when he parked his high-end supercar and looked into the mirror to see a donkey chewing on the car’s rear bumper.

As reported, the donkey caused £30,000 ($40,221) in damages because it may have mistaken the orange vehicle for a massive carrot. Markus Zahn’s insurance company refused to fully cover the damage because they claimed he was partly responsible for parking next to the animal’s enclosure.

Zahn then approached the donkey’s owner but he reportedly refused to pay for the damage saying it was Zahn’s fault for parking there in the place. This sparked a legal battle which recently concluded when a court in Giessen, Germany sided with Zahn.

According to the ruling, the donkey’s owner will need to fork up £5,260 ($7,052) to cover the cost of repairs that weren’t covered by insurance. The situation was unfortunate for everyone involved but Zahn says he still sees the humor in it.

While the donkey might have mistaken the car for a carrot, drivers certainly won’t as the McLaren 650S Spider has a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine that develops 650 PS (478 kW) and 678 Nm (500 lb-ft) of torque. It enables the car to rocket from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.0 seconds before hitting a top speed of 329 km/h (204 mph).


  • Mind Synthetic

    “… Zahn says he still sees the humor in it” then why the hell did you take the donkey’s owner to court you di(khead

    • LeStori

      Because he was stupid enough to park his car next to an animal enclosure and had to blame someone for his stupidity.

      I have had wild birds such as the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo snack on my car. They like aerials and window seals.

    • Six_Tymes

      great point!

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      As he is $7000 better off ?
      I bet he wasn’t laughing before the court case.

  • FlameWater

    How is someone so stupid able to afford such a car?

    • BlackPegasus

      Kanye West and Floyd Mayweather can afford such cars. Last time I checked neither were Mensa members. 😗

  • Much Be His First Exotic

    He doesn’t sound very initiated in the ways of exotic vehicle ownership. I hope that donkey kicks his ass.

  • Vanquish

    well how many people would assume a donkey would try to eat a car though……sure after its happened…but all these people saying what an idiot blah blah blah wouldnt not assume an animal will attempt to eat your car….if you told someone that they would think you were crazy and paranoid….lets be honest.

    • FlameWater

      If you parked your car next to a flock of seagulls eating garbage what would you expect to happen?

      • Vanquish

        let me try this again…….would caps help? MOST PEOPLE DONT ASSUME A “DONKEY” WOULD TRY TO EAT A CAR……..its silly and sounds crazy if you told someone that. To answer your pointless question, I wouldn’t assume it would EAT the car which was the point here. Thats like saying if you park under a tree do you not assume tree debris will end up on your car YES thats common sense….whats not common sense is thinking a donkey would eat your car….smh

        • Vanquish

          on a side note to just show how ridiculous your comeback was….birds and all animals take a shi* thats normal….cars arent normal donkey food or animal food….just saying again lets be honest

  • Jay

    That’s one expensive JACKA$S

  • TrevP

    I can see both sides to this. I think Zahn should pay for it out of just being a decent human being, and he owns a Mclaren. He should be able to pay $7,052 in damages the insurance didn’t pay for. Poor old farmer didn’t do anything. But, I would probably go after an animals owner too if perhaps we say a dog scratched up my car by jumping up onto it. Same thing with kids i guess, if a kid throws a baseball through your window, who are you going to hold responsible? Hopefully he never parks next to a donkey enclosure again.

  • Bikram Suwal

    That’s one expensive JACKA$S


  • Christian Wimmer

    This was shown on RTL? RTL (and RTL II) are like the DUMBEST TV channels in Germany. 99.9% of the stuff they show is pseudo-reality-TV-junk (aka MADE UP). Here in Germany most people know RTL as weRTLos (worthless).

  • BlackPegasus

    Weird story. But it angers me that a Insurance company can get away with not covering the car. If I purchase a policy with comprehensive coverage I expect it to cover ALL incidents that does not include a collision. Maybe the laws are different in Germany. *shrugs*

  • S3XY

    “A Giant Carrot” LMAO

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