Toyota Is Working On Updated Versions Of The 4Runner, Sequoia, And Tundra

Chevrolet, Ford, and Ram unveiled a number of new trucks at the Texas State Fair but Toyota declined to make any major announcements.

That’s changing today as Toyota’s North American vice president of marketing, Ed Laukes, has confirmed a number of updated models are under development.

Speaking with Automotive News, Laukes said the “competition is getting stronger and stronger” and the company is planning to address that by updating their aging trucks and SUVs. While he declined to give a timeline, Laukes confirmed Toyota is already working on updated versions of the 4Runner, Sequoia, and Tundra.

Little is known about the upcoming models but Laukes said “powertrains are obviously a big piece of anyone’s equation as we work on CAFE standards.” He went on to say all options are the on the table to increase fuel-efficiency and “There’s absolutely no reason [why] we couldn’t have a hybrid truck.”

Toyota isn’t just focused on the development of the aforementioned models as Laukes said the company will keep improving the Tacoma which is facing stiff competition from the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. The truck will also have to battle the Ford Ranger shortly and Toyota is committed to keeping the model at the “top of the class.”

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  • Six_Tymes

    they wont be ugly anymore???

    • john1168

      They might be worse…

  • Comp1

    Are these the 2018 redesigned models or the 2012 models? The designs are so different from existing Toyotas……heavy, heavy sarcasm!

  • john1168

    Hopefully Toyota updates the powertrain on the 4Runner. How old is that 5 speed auto???LOL A nicer interior would be great too. Look for “everyman driver” youtube video on the 4Runner. The one where he gets stuck in a giant frozen puddle and gets out of it. Pretty impressive for the 4Runner considering there’s plenty I don’t like about it.

  • Braddo

    They will be uglier. That sends to be Toyotas direction – i don’t know what’s happened to them in the past 10 years or so. . . All their cars are hideously over styled

  • Vyurr

    I’m frankly surprised Toyota mentioned the Sequoia, it’s like the vehicle that gets no press. “Yes, yes, we manufacture it, but pretend it’s not ours.”

    • no25

      EXACTLY! I love the first generation Sequoia (my mom has one with 300k miles and no issues). It’s a great car, but then, they created this second generation, and it’s bulgy and not as fun to drive (IMO). But I read somewhere that they still sell them decently (decently enough for it to have a new generation, but still not well). I want them to turn it into a better Suburban/Explorer/Yukon competitor.

  • Darnell Robeson

    Yall can hate on these trucks all u want. Yes they are old. But they are bulletproof. They dont break. They are very very reliable. They all have class-leading resale values too. I personally love old-school SUVs..they are fresh air from all these feminine crossovers that all look alike. Im patiently waiting for the Bronco.

    • sirbarton

      I bought a 4Runner Trail in 2015 precisely because it hasn’t changed much. It’s my favorite body on frame SUV and I love that it hasn’t changed that much from my 1990 4Runner. Still excels at everything I need it to do and has a huge after market parts community for all the mods I want.

      I would welcome modest upgrades to the powertrain and transmission and a better infotainment system, but please leave the rest of it alone. It just works.

      • smartalec

        Well it has changed in one aspect,it’s a lot uglier than the 1990 version

    • no25

      Got a 1st gen. Sequoia with 300k miles and no major issues! Great vehicle!

    • LWOAP

      Ford might disappoint you when it comes to the Bronco.

      • Darnell Robeson

        Im sure they’re used to not being able to please everybody they been building cars for over 100 years.

  • Geo L

    4Runner are great trucks. They’ll go through anything, I hope they keep their truck frame design and come up with battery hybrid for fuel economy.

  • Bash

    I thought I read somewhere that Toyota is killing the 4-runner and the sequoia!

    • Darnell Robeson

      Nope u never read that

      • Bash

        🙁 But I did..

    • no25

      I read that about the Sequoia, but not the 4Runner. The 4Runner actually sells too well for it to be cancelled. I can understand the Sequoia, but this article is more recent, so maybe both will live on.

  • Snapda9

    they wont be ugly anymore???

  • SteersUright

    UPDATES???? How old is the 4runner/Tacoma chassis already? 20 years? More? I understand the penny-pinching, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. The 4runner was one the SUV to have, it did malls and off-road equally well. Now its overpriced, ugly on the inside (questionable on the outside) and easily outdated.

  • smartalec

    Why don’t they just replace the 4runner with the Fortuner which is sold internationally, it’s a far more modern design.

  • Mark S

    The current 4runner with some minor and Tasteful styling up dates and updates on all the mechanicals is probably all it needs.

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