Drivers Find A Tiger Instead Of Gridlock On I-75

Most people don’t have to have to worry about coming across a tiger so it comes as little surprise that drivers in Georgia were alarmed when they saw one prowling the streets of suburban Atlanta.

According to CBS News, a Henry County police officer spotted the animal on I-75 early this morning. Any doubts about the officer’s sanity were quickly dismissed as emergency dispatchers were soon flooded with several 911 calls about the tiger.

The animal reportedly managed to get off the highway where it entered a residential neighborhood. This woke up several residents who were surprised to find a large police presence on their street.

One of those awaken was Brittney Speck who told CNN she saw the tiger in her neighbor’s backyard. She relayed this information to police who descended onto her house.

Shortly after getting off the phone, the tiger jumped the fence and entered Speck’s yard where it began attacking her dog. Officers arrived just in time and killed the tiger before it seriously injured Speck’s dachshund.

Police said they had to kill the tiger and are currently conducting an investigation to determine where the animal came from.

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