Lincoln To Offer Hybrid Versions Of Its Entire Lineup, New Aviator Due In 2019

Last month, reports surfaced that Lincoln was preparing to launch two new hybrids but that could be the tip of the iceberg.

According to three sources who talked to Reuters, the entire Lincoln lineup will be offered with a hybrid powertrain by 2022.

Details could be announced as soon as next month but the report goes on to suggest that Lincoln is also considering plans to introduce an electric vehicle. Little is known about the proposed vehicle but it appears there could be several under consideration.

Ford declined to comment on the report but the publication claims the company is planning to introduce plug-in hybrid variants as it launches new and redesigned models. The first plug-in hybrid is expected to be the MKC and it will reportedly be joined by a new Aviator plug-in hybrid in 2019. Lincoln is also expected to offer a hybrid version of the new Navigator.

Further down the road, the company will reportedly launch the redesigned MKZ in 2020. Two years later, we can expect to see new versions of the Continental and MKX. All these models are expected to be offered with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

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  • LJ

    So glad that Lincoln is reverting back to using actual names. Gives the brand something warm and unique. The alphabet soup names are so cold and clinical.

    • Craig

      ME TOO!!!

    • SgtBeavis

      Damn straight. While “Continental” is kinda old sounding to me, I totally dig names like Aviator, Navigator, and Zephyr.

      • Benjamin B.

        MKZ should be replaced by the the Zephyr

      • Benjamin B.

        I’m guessing the Aviator will replace the MKX or MKT

  • Jay

    The explorer already looks good so the new aviator should be even better, can’t wait to see it.

  • Bikram Suwal

    ME TOO!!!

  • TrevP

    Finally!! A new Aviator!! Its about time they replace that ugly ass MKT!

  • DM

    Finally a new Aviator! I always loved the old one, it wasn´t as flashy as the Navigator. Never understood why it took them so long to make a new one though. Funny enough, neither Cadillac nor Lincoln (Not counting the horrible MKT) currently offer a 3 row SUV besides the huge ones. It was about time!!


  • Kash

    I’m kinda betting that Lincoln will just rename the MKX as the Aviator, and bring over the 3 row version of the Edge but with the Lincoln body kit and offer it as a replacement for the MKT.

    • Jay

      I hope not, they used the Explorer in the past and should continue to do so.

      • Kash

        Oh i remember, it’s pretty easy to tell the Aviator was just an Explorer with a different badge, but don’t forget about the 2004 Aviator concept that turned into the first gen MKX.

        • Jay

          If they bring back the name they should bring it back correctly lol. I honestly think it’ll be based on the explorer and they’ll still keep the MKX around.

  • Shane

    I’ve been was disappointed they discontinued the Aviator and every time I see a Navigator I think about what a missed opportunity it is for the company. Even though I hated the early 3rd gen Navigators this new one is amazing. Dare I say, better looking than the Escalade?

  • Six Thousand Times

    I want none of those. They ought to have kept the winged grille, though.

  • Johnny

    Last Aviator was great looking body on frame SUV with V8. New one have to be plug in hybrid crossover. That will sucks.

  • SteersUright

    Lincoln still sells cars?