PSA Reportedly Accused Of Cheating Emissions In 2 Million Cars

A French newspaper reports that PSA Group has been caught using suspect software in two million cars sold from Peugeot and Citroen.

PSA is denying the report, releasing a statement saying that they’ve not been contacted by judicial authorities.

Le Monde reported that investigators from the country’s DGCCRF watchdog obtained an internal PSA document discussing the need to “make the ‘defeat device’ aspect less obvious and visible.”

In its statement, PSA said: “Groupe PSA has repeatedly explained its strategy regarding engine settings. This strategy is based on its customers’ use in real life. It favors low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in cities while ensuring the best NOx/ CO2 balance on open roads.”

Back in February, PSA became the fourth carmaker to fall under investigation by the DGCCRF over suspected emissions-cheating, following VW, Renault and Fiat-Chrysler.

PSA’s engineering boss admitted at the time that the emissions treatment in their diesel models was deliberately reduced at higher temperatures to improve fuel economy and CO2 emissions in out-of-city driving, where NOx is considered less critical, Reuters reports.

However, PSA claims that there is nothing illegal about their engine calibrations. “PSA denies any fraud and firmly reaffirms the pertinence of its technology decisions,” the company said.


  • annon

    actually this comes as no surprise, pretty sure this ain’t the first nor the last & more automakers will pop-up soon. Anyways, the ways thing look now, seems that the future of diesel is pretty much doomed anyway….pity really???

  • Jp

    I want to believe PSA as they have been constantly pushing the transparency of their process since the VW Scandal, including “real-life” emission figures themselves. I hope they won’t be another Fiat/VW and that their arguments are not bullshit.

  • Vassilis

    Bad VW!

  • cat

    Volkswagen wants another car company falls with the diesel scandal so they are not alone in the scandal. I think volkswagen paid le monde newspaper to say psa group is cheating with the diesel engines.No volkswagen you are alone in the diesel scandal psa is clean!

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    This will continue to happen over and over because the standards are higher than the technology will provide. This is the results of overly aggressive standards from unrealistic governments. The cheats are software because software can hide things an actual device or power plant can’t.

    • CoolHandLuke1

      No, only company that has been caught with NOx cheating is VW. Still.

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        Last I checked, NOx is not the only pollutant emission and definitely not the only emission that is monitored and governed. Nice try though.

        • CoolHandLuke1

          Did not happen. Peugeot SA stock has gained +5% since this news broke out.
          If they did cheat, share value would have acted differently. VW lost half of it’s value when the news broke out of VW NOx cheat.

          • Auf Wiedersehen

            We will see. The VW verdict didn’t come till months later.

            And yeah, they all cheat. Don’t kid yourself.

  • CoolHandLuke1

    Did not happen. Peugeot SA stock has gained +5% since this news broke out.
    If they did cheat, share value would have acted differently.