Facebook Live Stream Shows Drunk Driver Causing Chaos

Dramatic footage has surfaced online of a drunk driver causing mayhem on streets near Fort Myers, Florida.

Fox 4 News reports that a group of ladies in a car behind the erratic driver called 911 and began to live stream the carnage on Facebook.

The video, recorded by Billie Jean BeeBee, shows the inebriated Chevrolet Cavalier driver swerving across the road, mounting the curb on multiple occasions, eventually steering onto Interstate 75 and slamming into a concrete crash barrier, puncturing a front tire.

Behind the wheel of the Chevy was Brittany Sharp, a 25-year-old woman who could only be stopped after the car following her pulled in front, slammed on the brakes and forced Sharp to crash.

Police eventually arrived on scene and have charged Sharp with DUI, property damage and reckless driving charges.