Listen To 2nd-Gen Acura NSX Sound Off With Custom Exhaust

Unless you can’t tell because of the missing rear fascia, this is Acura’s latest NSX supercar, boasting a custom Fi Exhaust system while awaiting a wide-body kit for aesthetic purposes.

According to Fi Exhaust themselves, this catless system features valve control as standard. It works with the help of the company’s intelligent ECU system, which means that drivers can control the exhaust either by engine rpm or via remote control input.

As you can hear, this car sounds completely unlike a stock NSX, which is undoubtedly what the tuner was going for. At low revs, the exhaust seems throaty, with low frequency crackles.

Of course, aside from the soundtrack, if you’re a Liberty Walk fan, you’ll probably appreciate the wide-body architecture this particular NSX is about to receive. In the end, it should look a little something like this.

As for the wheels, you’re looking at a set of black Forgiato alloys, with contrasting red calipers.


  • willhaven

    This doesn’t sound good at all, but V6 engines rarely sound good at low revs.

    • Jim Ragland

      Mmmmm….well from this showing I don’t wanna hear it at high revs.

  • annon

    having seen what Kato-san has done with other cars, am pretty convinced this will still change. An Akrapovic would sound great IMO.

  • nastinupe

    Sounds like a weed wacker.

    • G82FS

      Exactly what I was thinking but could not place the sound until you said it!

    • cooper

      exactly, whine clunk, whine clunk. I might like accord version better.

  • eb110americana

    I think it’s a sound improvement over stock (no pun intended). It’s just that the way the driver keeps blipping the throttle, it sounds like it has a terrible surging problem at idle. Once it settles down at the end of the video, the idle is a nicely low-pitch rumble.

  • SteersUright

    VR6 was the best sounding V6 I ever personally have heard. Don’t see why Honda couldnt make this one sound sexy from the factory.

  • sounds more of a four banger with a hole in the exhaust!

  • Vassilis

    A bit too farty me thinks.