Nismo Could Have Its Way With The Nissan Leaf

Nissan intends on offering the all-new Leaf with a Nismo styling package in a bid to attract younger buyers.

Speaking to Autocar shortly after the EV’s online debut, Nissan design chief Alfonso Albaisa admitted a sportier version of the car could help improve the status of the Leaf after the hideous design of the first-generation model.

“The previous Leaf’s design wasn’t popular with the majority of people, so its look couldn’t contribute to sales. The new car is lower, wider and sportier, with the point
of this design being to
get greater accessibility of the market,” Albaisa said.

At this early stage, no confirmation has been given as to whether a Nismo package would be offered to buyers around the world. However, the automaker does have a habit of only offering select Nismo kits in its home market of Japan.

Whatever the case may be, prospective EV owners not fully satisfied with the 2018 Leaf can rest in peace knowing that a Leaf E-Plus will premiere in a couple of years with a larger battery pack and greater performance.


  • Auf Wiedersehen

    I thought the recent feeling was, younger generations don’t want to drive? And I’m guessing the Leaf NISMO would be visual changes and not messing with the efficiency numbers. Now adding a “Ludicrous” -like mode would be cool!

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