Nissan To Unveil Electric SUV In October

Nissan will unveil an all-new electric SUV at October’s Tokyo Motor Show based on the underpinnings of the latest-generation Leaf.

The automaker’s design boss Alfonso Albaisa has revealed that the SUV will be slightly larger than the Nissan Qashqai, Autocar reports.

In all probability, the electric SUV will launch with the same 40-kWh battery as the 2018 Leaf offering a similar EPA-rated range of 150 miles. While that range is less than those offered by the Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla Model 3 and upcoming Tesla Model Y, the SUV can be expected to follow the Leaf’s lead and undercut its rivals in price.

Furthermore, there’s a strong possibility that the Japanese marque’s impending 60-kWh Leaf battery pack will also make its way into the SUV to push range well over the 200-mile mark.

Note: Nissan Terra Concept pictured