Porsche Looking At Solid-State Batteries For Electric Sports Cars

Porsche is investigating using advanced solid-state batteries for fully-electric sports cars.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, VW Group boss said it wants an electric version of every model in its family by 2030 and that includes Porsche. Consequently, the Stuttgart sports car maker is looking at the most advanced battery tech it could use in electric variants of the 911 and Boxster.

Speaking on the matter, Porsche research and development boss Michael Steiner said “Fully electrified sports cars would work very well for longitudinal acceleration but the weight disadvantage is in the handling.

“When this could happen depends on the evolution of battery power and cell density. We see potential new battery technology coming that may change the game again, but they are still in development,” he said, referring to solid-state batteries.

A number of carmakers, including Toyota and BMW, are already developing solid-state batteries which are lighter, more energy-dense and can be charged quicker than lithium-ion cells.

Steiner revealed that Porsche built an electric Boxster prototype but was disappointed with its handling because of the weight of its lithium battery. Additionally, the brand says it is struggling to work out where to place the battery pack in an electric 911 without compromising the low driving position or removing the rear seats, Autocar reports. Solid-state batteries could be a solution.