Prized AC Cobra Crashes While Racing At Goodwood Revival

Unfortunately, a Ferrari 250 GTO wasn’t the only classic car damaged during racing at last weekend’s Goodwood Revival, a once-pristine AC Cobra also fell victim to the always-treacherous event.

The Cobra was taking part in a race alongside a number of other priceless exotics and the UK did what it does best, rain. This made the circuit exceptionally slippery and when attempting to overtake a Ferrari, the Cobra driver left his braking a little too late and understeered straight into the grass.

The race car’s driver’s side rear wheel then slammed into the tire wall, causing significant damage to the side. Despite the crash, the driver somehow managed to crack a smile when making his way out of the car.

While seeing any car crashing is sad, particularly when it is one worth this much, such an incident may not even impact its value. In fact, its battle scares could attract buyers who’d prefer a Cobra with a rich racing heritage than one that’s never left a garage.


  • Six_Tymes

    glad the driver didnt get hurt. was this driver of an older age again? most are that drive these classic race cars. I am just wondering…

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    You’ll have that in a town that size

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