VW Reveals It’s Working On A Compact Crossover For America

There are a plethora of new SUVs and crossovers being developed by Volkswagen but it’s appeared as if North America would miss out on all of them. Fear not, VW is working on something special for the U.S.

Volkswagen director of development, Dr. Frank Welsch, has revealed to Autoblog at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the U.S. will be the recipient of a compact crossover slotting beneath the Touareg, Atlas and latest Tiguan.

“We are checking the feasibility of a car which is right between T-Roc and Tiguan, and this could be interesting for America.

“In the U.S., you have Tiguan long wheelbase, and the other [new] one is close to what we have here in Europe as the Tiguan SWB. It’s a little bit smaller than that, about the size of the old Tiguan, but new and it’s off the MQB. This is the idea behind it. In China, we will have this car next year, and we are thinking whether this could be a good idea for America and Russia,” Welsch said.

The vehicle Welsch is talking about isn’t the all-electric I.D. Crozz nor the Golf-based T-Roc. It isn’t even the Polo-based T-Cross as that will be sold in South America. Instead, it will be an all-new vehicle which the carmaker has kept close to its chest.

As Welsch mentioned, it’ll be based on the MQB platform and initially be launched in China in both petrol-powered and plug-in hybrid forms. It could be similar in size to the first-generation Tiguan Limited.


  • Bash



    will be named vw taigun

    • Malik

      Or Tiguan Sport? I think Tiguan Sport will do nicely.

  • TheHake

    Terribly written article…

    • supermanuel


  • Archknight77


    It’s just this one that was spotted testing around the same time they were developing the T-Roc. It was thought to be the same model at first, but I noticed the chrome door handles and the difference in the rear lighting elements. The front even has different cladding around the foglights. They are just waiting too long to bring things to the US in certain segments.

  • Evan M

    This seems like a last minute gesture that they made a mistake by selling American not the SWB Tiguan or T-ROC.

    • Malik

      Long wheelbase Tiguan is already doing well. Short wheelbase Tiguan is expected to replace the outdated Tiguan that will continue in North America under Tiguan Limited for the time being.

  • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover

    Let me guess, it’s a rebadged Ateca/Karoq or that South American Volkswagen SUV thing.

    • supermanuel

      I imagine so, with a little bit of de-contenting for good measure.

  • Gerald Michael

    VW already builds a compact SUV that would do well in the American market — the SWB Tiguan. And it’s also about the same size as the old Tiguan.

  • Rocket

    But of course. The SWB Euro Tiguan are too ‘premium’ for us unsophisticated Americans. So like the Passat and Atlas, we’ll get a completely different model.

    That’s ok, VW … Kia gets that we don’t all want cheap and bland. You continue working your way downmarket in search of higher volumes, but don’t expect savvy buyers to stick with the brand.

    • DM

      100% with you. Big mistake, the SWB would sell really well.

  • Miknik

    So there is room between the Golf based T-Roc and the Golf based Tiguan for yet another Golf based Cross Over? Really?

    • pjl35

      U.S. isn’t getting the T-Roc.

      • Miknik

        I know. But in the line up generally. Does it really make sense to produce a car that is using the same technical components and between a few cm’s/inches of the existing cars?

        • pjl35

          No, but that’s par for the course with VW.

  • OdysseyTag

    I think making region-specific models is probably one of the better moves VW finally woke up to. Sending global products might work well for it’s premium German counterparts, but VW as a volume seller should have taken a note from the Japanese in this regard. They did so with South America and South-East Asia from an early stage but somehow chose complacency in the States.

  • It will obviously be along the uninspiring and boring lines with the US Tiguan and Atlas…bring the T-Rock…bring the SWB Tiguan…VAG just doesn’t get it…

  • Benjamin B.

    It’ll be a Grand T roc model for fat Americans and Chinese.

  • Malik

    As long as the platform is based on MQB, it will be worth the wait. Can’t wait!!!