XiM18 Concept Is Yanfeng’s Idea Of What A Self-Driving Car’s Cabin Should Be Like

Even though the shape of Yangfen Automotive Interiors’ XiM18 might seem futuristic enough, it’s actually what’s going on inside this concept that points to where we’re headed with our autonomous and full-electric cars.

The XiM18 concept, where XiM stands for eXperience in Motion, was designed to show off four different interior modes, that could very well become the norm for the self-driving car of the future.

These are ‘Drive’, ‘Family’, ‘Meeting’ and ‘Lounge’, each representing a different driving scenario, with smart surfaces all around, and what the company calls a “seamless integration of displays and control functions.”

“In the future, once collapsible steering wheels will be considered the new normal since the driver will no longer have to steer the vehicle, the car will evolve into the next living space for driver and passengers alike,” said YFAI chief technical officer, Han Hendriks. “Our Xim18 exemplifies how we are redefining the way people can relax, work and play in their car today and decades from now.”

In ‘Drive’ mode, the interior configuration has all the seats facing forward. In terms of features, there are invisible A-pillars, HVAC slim air vents with gesture control, moving floor consoles, heated door panel armrest and convenient soft tambour door storage with fingerprint lock technology.

Put the car in ‘Family’ mode and you get a different seating arrangement, an origami table, instrument panel passenger storage, new ambient or functional lighting and lots of play-and-relax features like the Interactive Overhead Display Panel.

In ‘Meeting’ mode, the interior of the XiM18 serves as an extension of the office, where the driver can move his or her seat to the back of the car, while the passenger seat rotates 180 degrees – allowing occupants to face each other. Meanwhile, ‘Lounge’ mode is a transformational space that helps you transition from working to socializing thanks the the front seats moving to the rear-most position. Also, there’s a unique separated floor console, where the front and rear floors can be combined.

“We’re seamlessly integrating information and areas for controls, ambient and task lighting, heated surfaces and more. When these functions are not activated, our smart interior surfaces blend in with the stylish decor of our floor consoles, instrument and door panels. This is the wave of the future and our concepts will help prepare automakers to be ready for the future,” added Hendriks.


  • Finkployd
  • Toronado_II

    I’m already tired of autonomous concept. I’m not interested in saloon and cocooning. Just cars ! A real driving machine.


  • Mill0048

    These automated concepts are almost never exciting from an auto-enthusiast point of view. Same boring living-room-on-wheels-with-excessive-passenger-infotainment concept. Where’s the appeal or lust for this future?

    • Status

      The appeal for the average driver is that driving is now no longer a chore. The auto-enthusiasts who actually enjoy driving, however, are vastly outnumbered by those who don’t, and therefore they wouldn’t see the appeal.

      Bluntly, if HP and 0-100 times are unimportant to someone who buys a car, they likely don’t see cars as being lustful or appealing. To them, a car is a means to an end, and not a toy. The car as a means to an end sees the car as tool, and you can’t use a tool properly if every time you go to use it, you’re surrounded by people with poor driving skills or excessive traffic.

      • Mill0048

        I agree completely from a pragmatic stance. It’s more of a rhetorical question as this is an enthusiast oriented site. We’re dinosaurs and autonomy is the relative cataclysm to wipe us out.

  • Bash

    No seat belts in the future! for BMW at least!