Alfa Romeo, Maserati Slow Down Production Rates After China Sales Blow

Alfa Romeo and Maserati are slowing down their production rates in Italian factories, following a sales hit in China due to new import rules.

The two Italian brands saw their Chinese sales figures drop significantly since the local authorities imposed new rules on how dealers and carmakers interact. These new rules include banning manufacturers from imposing stock on their dealers.

Union sources said that the Maserati Levante production line will shut for two weeks between October and November while production for the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio in Cassino has been reduced to 265 cars per shift from 300 this month. Alfa Romeo’s production cuts come after the company stopped production on four Fridays since mid-September, at a loss of more than 2,000 units, AutoNews reports.

Data from market researchers JATO Dynamics show that the Chinese shipments of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia have also fallen significantly; Alfa Romeo shipped 1,006 Stelvios to China in June, 2,666 in July and only 227 in August. On the same note, Maserati shipped an average of 250 Levantes in July and August, down from a monthly average of over 800 units in the first half of the year.

JATO Dynamics believes that FCA’s sales targets for the Levante, Giulia and Stelvio may have been set too high. Based on sales to date, Alfa Romeo will sell between 130,000 and 140,000 units in 2017 while FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said earlier this year that he expects Alfa to sell 170,000 cars this year.


  • Bob

    I had a few dealership experiences with FCA that now make me feel like it’s fine if they don’t survive.

  • Cupboi

    No surprises here… Shame to see Alfa die this way, but Marchionne keeps screwing everything up.

    • Dino Pappous

      Alfa currently outselling Jaguar competitive cars every month for the past 3 months….Sorry, try again hater…

  • Matteo Ruggeri

    Why do you write of Alfa only to share bad news?
    None wrote on Carscoop that Alfa Romeo Giulia Named IIHS Top Safety Pick+. It achieves the highest possible rating in each of the five tests used by IIHS to evaluate crashworthiness.
    Italian cars exported on China (Alfa, Maserati, Ferrari and Laborghini) compared to month of previous year.
    August 2017 + 92%
    July 2017 +49%
    June 2017 +91%
    May 2017 +522%
    April 2017 +298%
    March 2017 +473%
    February 2017 +486%
    January 2017 +361%
    December 2016 +266%
    November 2016 +139%
    October 2016 +243%
    September 2016 +164%
    Istat source.
    In USA Alfa sales: Jan-Sept 2017 7,352 cars, Jan-Sept 2016 418
    Motor intelligence source
    In Europe Afla sales: Jan-Sept 2017 63,347 cars, Jan-Sept 2016 47,512.
    Acea source

    • Cupboi

      To my eyes, they’re just being impartial. There’s no hidden agenda against Alfa, if that’s what you’re implying. And about the IIHS thing, sometimes they’re a little too slow to report on some news, probably because it slips under the radar or they’re too busy writing about an “unbelievable crazy russian dashcam video XD”, or something like that. BTW, ~70.000 cars (so far) is not really that impressive…

      • Dino Pappous

        Not quite…BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” ad campaign is the greatest hoax to populate the airwaves….New 3 and 4 series are German Toyotas….Completely numb and void of any real driving experience…Don’t drink the “Kool-Aid”…..

    • Dino Pappous

      Easy to write inflammatory articles about Italian cars….the old stereotype….Own 3 Alfas including a 2017 Giulia Quadrifoglio….Easily the best car ever !!!
      Five Fun Facts about Alfa Romeo:
      #1 About 98.4% of the media and internet users can’t pronounce “Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio” correctly

      #2 About 99.2% of the internet users raving and judging about Alpha’s reliability never owned an Alfa and even more interesting, only 3.6% have ever driven one in their entire life

      #3 Performing a Google search with “Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Test Issues” you’ll find two Jalopnik articles within the top three results, citing always the same Quadrifoglio test articles

      #4 Performing search on YouTube for “alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio test” gives about approximately 139’000 results in proportion to the test’s found with limp mode or no start issues on YouTube and Google (5) it’s a reliability quote for the Alfa of 99.99641% which is far better than the average 🙂

      #5 The Alfa Romeo Stelvio did a 7.51’7 lap on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the German magazine “Sport Auto” tried to test on the same track the brand-new Audi TT RS. Well it didn’t managed to get round due to a catastrophic Carbon Ceramic brake failure, Audi gave another car to test and guess what happened.…8.html?block=1

      Well and last but not least, the current long term road test of Car&Driver on the new BMW M2 had a differential failure straight away…-bmw-m2-page-2 funny find is that this is a common problem found on all BMW M models and BMW already issued a recall in Germany more than a year ago…al-132151.html ……

      But they hide the news about the German cars because they buy the ads and that buys “Good Press”……Time to expose BMW, Audi, and Merc for what they truly are…D

      • europeon

        > judging about Alpha’s reliability


        • Dino Pappous

          That was “tongue in cheek”…didn’t you get it ? Duh…

    • Ed Ward

      its a shame how F.I.A.T wasted Chrysler”s refinanced thru banks Gov. loans on trashy Alfa Romeo and Maserati. if they put chrysler and dodge grilles on those italian MOPARS, sales would skyrocket.

      • Dino Pappous

        Hey ED….Alfa and Maserati have pedigree, history , and are legendary marques….Chrysler’s illustrious history has minivans and K cars…Please Ed, go back to the drag strip…you sound silly….

    • europeon

      Yes, there is an obvious bias against Italian cars, very obvious and unprofessional, but to be fair, those monthly growths aren’t that impressive considering that they started from virtually zero units sold.

  • Charles Lane

    Wasn’t that garbage of a CEO Marchionne just last week (and the ones before that) stating how electric/hybrids aren’t the future. Looks like FCA isnt going to have a future if they don’t get with it,

    • EyalN

      No this is the genius that came out with the dodge charger hellcat with 707 hp and ferrari laferrari aperta and ferrari F1 team and alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio and took Jeep that had the worst cars and made them best sellers all over the world. Marchionne is one of the geniuses of the car world, electric cars don’t bring profit dodge challenger hellcat does. he is at his job to make profit, not to take money from the government tesla style

      • alexxx

        Nice answer 👍👍👍

      • Ed Ward

        Chrysler made itself with its own profits and managed to waste money on dead alfas and maseratis. if they put chrysler”s money into chrysler, things would get much much better.

        • Dino Pappous

          Yes Ed….K cars and Minivans….very exciting….Ed, you’re sounding silly again…

    • LeStori

      This has got nothing to do with EVs. Read the article. Marchionne said EVs were not economical at the moment. He is most likely right based on current information available.

  • LeStori

    Always a danger putting your eggs in the China basket. Bigland supposedly said they were going to concentrate on the USA and China markets. Both are unreliable and unpredictable. But in Europe they are selling well. This is likely to be just a minor blip in Government manipulated China.

  • Michelin

    When anglosaxon magazines and blogs tells about FCA the glass is ever half empty.
    When they speaks obout german and english carmakers the glass is ever half full !!!
    Why didn’t compare Alfa and Maserati 2015 and 2016 sales with 2017 sales ???
    This magazines do news or they do adversiting for same carmakers ??

  • Mynameis Taylor

    I know I am of the minority, I thinking that the Maserati, and new Alfas are ugly. I really am not a fan of the Guilia’s face, and the Maserati overall line-up. ( IMO)

    • Ed Ward

      i bet if those cars had chrysler and dodge grilles, badges and engines, the cars would sell big time.

      • Alex Rossi

        The Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler to go bankrupt for poor quality under American and German ownership. Rubbish

      • Mynameis Taylor

        well I’m sure they would. Anyway, “most” people don’t have good taste. I suppose bad taste makes the world go round. America isn’t know for it’s design aesthetic lol.

      • Dino Pappous’re sounding silly again….

    • Alex Rossi

      Bad cars like American, German, Japanese, British and Korean cars

      • Cupboi

        Are there any good cars, in your opinion?

        • Alex Rossi

          Nobody’s perfect

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