Genesis Is Working On Opening Dedicated Showrooms

An upscale brand demands upscale showrooms. And that’s just what Genesis has in store (so to speak).

Though spun off from the Hyundai brand two years ago, Genesis models (like the $68,000 G90) are still sold out of the same dealerships as $14k Accents.

That’s all set to change, however, by the end of this decade. Speaking with Autonews, the brand’s US general manager Erwin Raphael outlined the need for separate dealerships.

“The reality is, many, many luxury customers tell us they love our products, they’re amazing, but I’m not going into a Hyundai store to buy it,” said Raphael. “It’s really hard to have the two cultures cohabitating.”

So the brand is currently writing the playbook that will see it establish stand-alone Genesis dealers across the country. That will mean a reduction in quantity, but an increase in quality.

Currently any of Hyundai’s 835 dealers across the United States can sell Genesis models, though selling the larger G90 has required a showroom-within-a-showroom (in which only 352 dealers have invested).

Though he didn’t outline an exact figure, Raphael said that the number of dealers selling Genesis models will be “substantially” reduced. The brand is currently scouting locations in individual markets to build fresh showrooms (rather than renovating existing ones).

The process is earmarked to wrap up by the end of 2020, by which time Genesis vehicles will be sold only out of dedicated showrooms, and no longer out of Hyundai locations.

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  • Yobobjm

    That probably should’ve started a few years back when they made it an independent brand, but better late than never. And it definitely will increase the appeal of Genesis.

    • bd

      Not really.

      A separate dealer network could hardly survive on selling 2 sedans (with neither being in the high volume compact/entry-level segment).

  • TheBelltower

    Smart move. There is no way I would ever set foot in a Hyundai showroom or service department. This is the same issue Cadillac has being connected to Chevy and GMC.

    • Navy P. Morroccan ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      My local Cadillac dealership has finally built a stand-alone Cadillac store away from its plebeian counterparts, although I understand GM dealerships are independently owned and operated without any corporation involvement. Acura has been a stand-alone brand in my state for quite sometimes and Cadillac, as well as Lincoln should have been a stand-alone brand in their own stores.

      • TheBelltower

        Agreed. It’s not right for Cadillacs to sit alongside a fleet of commercial dump trucks as you pull into the dealership.

  • Comp1

    I am the owner of a 2015 HYUNDAI Genesis. I had no problem whatsoever with the sales side of my experience. The sales manager who handled my deal was the best sales manager I have ever met in all my years of buying cars. My problem with Hyundai is with the service experience. I have had three visits and they screwed up each one. I’m 0 for 3. I’ve shared this information with Service Mgr and the Owner of the dealership and they are nice and apologetic but nothing changes. There may be some dealerships that go above and beyond expectations but I haven’t found one. I don’t expect freshly brewed gourmet coffee, a back massage or rose petals in my car when I pick it up. I just want quality service done right the first time. Hyundai doesn’t appear to be it for me. Hoping GENESIS can learn from past experiences.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      That describes every dealer service visit I have had in about the last 10-12 years, until recently that is. It’s so hard to get good techs in these dealer service departments. On the face dealers like to give you nice modern waiting rooms with drinks, snacks, iPads and loaner cars when you can’t wait but the techs out back are not much above a Jiffy Lube guy. The new VW dealer near me has some of the worst service writers and techs I’ve ever dealt with. I loathe going in. I drive 2 hours to a Porsche dealer that actually wants my service dollars, treats me like a friend and has techs that know their shit. It’s all the manufacturers though….That’s why I’m less loyal to dealer sales departments than service. The last 3 new cars I’ve bought online and out of state. Now to find a good VW shop less than 2 hours away is the mission.

    • brn

      Good to hear that your sales experience was positive. In my parts, Hyundai (Kia is worse), it’s quite the opposite. Starting with the advertisements, they assume you’re an idiot. They quote MPG that doesn’t match the EPA estimates and prices that simply don’t exist. They target people who can’t afford new cars. Walk into the dealership and it gets worse. If you start asking questions (e.g. can I see a car at the price you advertised), they quickly ask you to leave. You’re not the sucker they’re looking for.

      Maybe it just stinks around here. If all Hyundai dealerships acted like those around here (about 8 within 30 miles), they shouldn’t be in business.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    I thought they tried this once before but pissed off the Hyundai dealer network because it was now gonna require a new dealership? Good luck either way

  • Research Janitor


  • Sébastien

    It’s from a different era: go online, sell online, and get even more luxury for the bucks

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