Ferrari’s First U.S. Tailor Made Center Opens In New York City

The new Tailor Made Center is housed in a redesigned showroom and features a private owners’ lounge as well as space for five cars on display.

Ford Dealer Launches “God, Guns and America” Campaign Which Gives Customers A Gun And A Bible

Talk about gunning for more sales.

Would You Pay $100k For A 2020 Supra Launch Edition? Baltimore Dealer Thinks So

You have to really, really want one of the first Supras in order to pay the $42k markup.

BMW And MINI Dealers Getting Smart Glasses To Help Speed Up Repairs

The smart glasses will allow service techs to view schematics and step-by-step instructions while they work.

Florida Man Tries To Extort Dealership Out Of A Chevy Malibu

The man found old sales records and wanted $50,000 as well as a Malibu in exchange for their return.

Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition Bows As Brand’s First Car Sold Exclusively Online

Audi will build only 99 examples of the TT Quantum Gray Edition and all will be sold online.

Mustang Dashcam Catches Dealership Employee Hitting 93 MPH In 55 MPH Zone

The employee was reportedly fired, but should he have gotten off with warning?.

Dashcam Shows Dealership Employee Learning To Drive Stick On Customer’s Focus RS

A cringeworthy video has caught a dealership employee learning and failing to drive a stick in a customer’s car.

Woman Takes Truck In For Service, Sees It At Store And Decides To ‘Steal’ It Back

Following a viral Facebook post, the dealership fired the employee responsible for using the truck to run errands.

New Jersey VW Dealer Giving Away Three Cars For $1, But There’s A Catch

Getting a car for $1 is a great deal, but you’ll have to be seated in the right car to get it.

World’s Best Car Salesman Who Sold Over 13,000 New Vehicles In 15 Years Has Passed Away

Joe Girard held a Guinness World Records title for selling 1,425 vehicles in a single year.

Chevrolet Is Offering 2018 Corvettes With Zero Per Cent Financing

With the C8 Corvette coming later this year, now is the time to get a C7 ‘Vette for cheap.