New Jersey VW Dealer Giving Away Three Cars For $1, But There’s A Catch

Getting a car for $1 is a great deal, but you’ll have to be seated in the right car to get it.

World’s Best Car Salesman Who Sold Over 13,000 New Vehicles In 15 Years Has Passed Away

Joe Girard held a Guinness World Records title for selling 1,425 vehicles in a single year.

Chevrolet Is Offering 2018 Corvettes With Zero Per Cent Financing

With the C8 Corvette coming later this year, now is the time to get a C7 ‘Vette for cheap.

There Are 9,000 New C7 Corvettes Sitting At Dealers’ Lots – Who Wants One?

News of the mid-engined C8 Corvette have slowed C7 sales considerably, but it still is one heck of a sports car.

Lemon Ferrari Buyer Sees Punitive Damages Cut From $5.8 Million To $500,000

Still, that’s about four times more than a 2007 Ferrari F430 is worth these days.

Man Steals Maserati GranTurismo From Dealership At Gunpoint

The frightening incident was caught on security cameras.

Man Goes To Pick Up Chrysler From Service, Dealer Tells Him It Vanished

The 2004 Chrysler Sebring was apparently stolen without anyone noticing.

GM Rumored To Leave Australia, Sell Holden Importation Business

While GM could leave Australia, the Holden brand is expected to carry on .

Dealership Inventories Climbing As Auto Sales Expected To Fall

2019 could be a tough year for automakers as sales are expected to drop.

China’s Zotye Naming US Dealers, We Wonder If They’ll Bring Their Clones Too

Zotye’s first model will be an SUV that is slated to arrive in 2020.

Now, That’s A Dealer Markup: Bugatti Divo Build Slot Comes With A $2 Million Premium

$9 million for a Bugatti Divo build slot? Yep, it’s the deal of the century.

That $121,000 Toyota Supra Is Back For Sale…For Half A Million Dollars!

Less than a month has passed, but the dealer wants an additional $379,000.