Isuzu FD-SI Concept Is A Futuristic Delivery Vehicle Perfect For Tokyo

Isuzu has used the Tokyo Motor Show to introduce the new FD-SI concept.

Billed as a futuristic delivery vehicle, the FD-SI is a light-duty truck which draws inspiration from nature.

The company was coy on specifics but the model has a two-tone exterior with partially covered wheels and an upright cab. Of course, one of the more unique styling features is the honeycomb design that runs the length of the vehicle.

The honeycomb pattern isn’t simply a design exercise as each window is actually its own storage compartment. Isuzu says this provides a “good compromise between strength and space needed for storage.”

The cylindrical storage compartments take up a lot of interior space but this is a delivery vehicle and it has only been designed to accommodate a single driver. On seated behind the retractable steering wheel, drivers will a find a high-tech head-up display which projects driving information onto the base of the windscreen.

Another notable innovation is the rear view monitor which has been mounted onto the steering wheel. This means drivers can see what’s behind them with a quick glimpse down.

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  • SteersUright

    Cool. Come out with it soon, let see if u have the guts…

  • Dennis Scipio

    I sometimes forget that Isuzu still exists after leaving the USA.

    • Mind Synthetic

      every gmc medium sided truck is an isuzu

  • mb4design

    Sumo belt to deliver fuel rods to the reactor.

    • exeptor

      I thought of a nuclear warheads, but your suggestion is better :).

  • Mill0048

    Right out of a sci-fi movie!

  • Bash

    How does it turn or make a U turn with the front wheels being covered?

  • gary4205

    The future is going to be hideous, at best.

    These soul sucking appliances will zap your will to live!