New Toyota JPN Taxi Ready To Shuttle Fares Under Hybrid LPG Power

Taxis in most places around the world are based on standard production vehicles outfitted for the purpose. But there’s a handful of locations where the taxis are completely unique – like yellow Checker cabs in New York, or the blacks cabs of London.

In Japan, the Toyota Crown has long served as the country’s typical taxi cab, and is likely to for the foreseeable future (especially now that Toyota has rolled out an updated model). But the automaker is also introducing the vehicle you see here for the same purpose.

Called the JPN Taxi, the design was first unveiled back in 2013, and has ostensibly been in development ever since. But now it’s ready to hit the streets and pick up fares across the country.

Like London’s aforementioned hackney carriages, the Toyota JPN Taxi adopts a taller, more van-like form than the Crown sedan. It features a low, flat floor, lots of head room, a wide-opening sliding rear door, GPS and meter positioned for optimal visibility, and a proliferation of grab handles, power outlets, and vents to keep passengers comfortable along the ride. And the cargo compartment in back can swallow as many as four golf bags without sacrificing any passenger space.

The JPN Taxi runs on electricity and liquefied petroleum gas through a 1.5-liter hybrid LPG powertrain, delivering the equivalent of over 45 miles per gallon.

Toyota hopes the instantly recognizable shape will be welcomed by both locals and tourists, particularly with the Olympic games coming to Tokyo in 2020. The JPN Taxi is already available to order, with prices starting at 3,277,800 yen (~$28.8k) for the base Nagomi model, and 3,499,200 yen ($30.7k) in loaded Takumi trim. Look for its debut this later month at the Tokyo Motor Show, alongside the new Crown and the hydrogen-powered Sora bus.

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  • RDS Alphard

    It looks like a London Taxi clone with Toyota’s typical design language (not the recent insane looking one).

    • Mill0048

      I wish they would’ve taken a more Japanese approach to the design.

      • RDS Alphard

        on regular Toyota or JPN Taxi?

        • Mill0048

          JPN Taxi

          • RDS Alphard

            Can you give some example of how should they taken a more Japanese approach?

          • Mill0048

            Take a look at anything for sale in the Japanese market and compare to this. Ultimately, I feel they tried to follow the design of the London taxis instead of taking their own approach.

          • RDS Alphard

            Oh, that’s what you meant.

            I guess London Taxi has the best “basic” to begin with? I personally dislike this London Taxi looks, but I remember watching video of people getting in & out with ease plus seems to have massive legroom, seems to be a good idea to be Taxi.

            Personally, if I wanna make a Taxi, I would based around cars like Toyota Noah/Voxy but shorten the rear overhang to have near hatchback rear… so you have long wheelbase that create massive legroom, high roof that have massive headroom & getting in with ease because of flat floor plan.

          • Mill0048

            I agree and can definitely appreciate the need to have a easy ingress/egress and passenger comfort for that task. Like you said, there are possible approaches that don’t involve coping the unique proportions from an existing car/brand.

  • Dennis James

    It seems that Fiat Multipla finally has a worthy competitor in the “ugliest car ever made” contest.

  • Sergey Yevtushenko

    interesting rear doors function driver side regular open, passenger side is slide function (different interior door handles too based on function)

  • Randy Terpstra

    This probably means the end of the road, for the iconic Crown Comfort. If they create LHD variants, different engine (gas/hybrid/diesel) options, this could be the new standard bearer amongst taxis.


  • Benjamin B.

    The London Taxi Company may seek a lawsuit against Toyota

    • Eythan Aldrich

      they should’ve done that…………years ago although it’s too late

  • Ary Wisesa

    It looks good and functional. I can’t wait to try to be driven in one soon. I won’t mind to have one with modified interior for my catering business. It looks so much better than plain boxy pickup.

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