Nissan Got Its “Tesla” On In Tokyo With Stylish IMx Concept

Nissan is looking to usher in a new era of intelligent mobility, and the IMx Concept recently unveiled in Tokyo is a big sign of things to come.

For starters, autonomous systems and electrification are big factors nowadays, even when it comes to vehicle design. This is why Nissan built the IMx Concept while acknowledging there should be obvious differences between the exterior and the interior.

“Today, cars are designed with a clear separation between the inside and outside, providing a sense of security to its passengers while giving the driver an appropriate environment to concentrate on driving,” said Nissan design boss, Satoru Tai.

According to Nissan, the IMx’s entire conceptual design can be summed up in three phrases: expressive purity, quiet dynamism and advanced technology, and while the first two are obviously debatable, the tech part is undeniable.

At the core of the IMx is Nissan’s ProPILOT system, which offers fully-autonomous driving, sliding the steering wheel inside the dashboard and reclining the seats when the driver decides to take a break.

Speaking of which, the design of the interior is quite simple, with very few switches. Dominating the cabin are the panoramic display and wood grain-patterned panels, while AI-controlled sensors and cameras keep an eye on the driver, anticipating his or her intensions.

Powering the IMx are two electric motors, one at the rear and one up front. Together, they produce 320 kW (429 HP / 435 PS) and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque. Nissan aren’t saying just how quick this concept might be in a straight line, but range-wise, it will do over 600 km (372 miles), which is very impressive.


  • Dennis Scipio

    It reminds me of a mix between the Leaf and the Murano.

    • I’mCallingYouOut

      a Lurano…

      i’ll see myself out.

      • pureworx

        or a Mureaf

      • U8INIT


  • I’mCallingYouOut

    …I’ll take the Tesla.

  • Rocc E. Normyss

    Not sure why manufacturers feel the need to use dorky styling just because a car is electric, autonomous or both. It’s becoming absurd!

    • Goobermobile

      I’m with you, the styling just sucks.

    • exeptor

      You can always buy an E Golf. But you are right – no need of so much distinction between regular and electric/hybrid.

  • TheBelltower

    Not interested in EV concepts that won’t likely be built. They’re just jumping on the EV bandwagon, now that Tesla has a waiting list 500,000 deep. Build it or STFU.

    • pureworx

      actually nissans leaf is the best selling EV globally… but whats that vs a waiting list?

      • TheBelltower

        Sure they sell. The Leaf is a good car that’s incredibly inexpensive. The monthly expense to own one is the equivalent of one nice dinner out. When Nissan has a paid three-year waiting list of people waiting to buy one of their theoretical cars, then feel free to snub your nose at what Tesla has achieved. My point was that conventional automakers seem to endlessly be “exploring” the idea of an EV that people could live with on a day-to-day basis. The time for exploring this has passed. There is a large market for this car, so just build the damn thing already.

        • pureworx

          nissan wouldn’t have a 3year waiting list as they are more than capable of producing their cars fast enough unlike tesla.. who choose to display a prototype, make huge promises to secure orders (deposits) from the likes of people who are probably falling over themselves to buy the iphone x then have them wait so they can brag about huge waiting lists to seem like they are something special.. but the truth is they are just crap at manufacturing.

          • TheBelltower

            “from the likes of people…”

            Just so we are clear, these are 500,000 of the type of people that any brand wants.

            “…they are just crap at manufacturing”

            Not really what we are talking about here. And frankly, when the discussion turns to quality, Nissan really has no standing.

          • pureworx

            its exactly what you are talking about here.. if you have one manufacturer who produces 500 items a month.. vs a manufacture who can produce 15000 a month..the one producing 500 a month will have a huge waiting list because of the small output.. the one making 15000 can match and surpass the others so called waiting list quantity in a shorter time frame, that in 3 years they would have produced way more than your precious tesla… you are obviously an Elon worshipper.

          • TheBelltower

            Nissan – Founded over 80 years ago
            Tesla – Built their first full car six years ago. Their second car last year. And their third this year.

            For a startup brand to build capacity to accommodate demand doesn’t happen overnight. And it doesn’t = “crap at manufacturing.” What Tesla has done better than Nissan and all other automakers combined, is to build a global charging infrastructure. If Nissan were serious about EV’s, they would focus on both EV production and charging infrastructure. And not on stupid concept cars that are just styling exercises, and exist to just test the public response.

            I do appreciate Tesla, and I ordered a Model X last week. The reality is, Nissan doesn’t have to worry about having a paid customer list of any real size. Not one for 5,000, or one for 500,000. Because they haven’t produced a vehicle that would ever warrant it.

          • pureworx

            “I ordered a Model X last week.” – explains your defensive nature and the need to respond…………….

          • TheBelltower

            Hardly. I own many cars.

      • Status

        Clout, really. Nobody waxes lyrically about owning a Leaf as it’s just a Nissan. A Tesla (just the brand name, not any specific model), on the other hand, is a media darling, and people actively promote their purchase.

        It doesn’t make sense, but that’s the way the world is; overruled by marketing. Just like the ‘Windows vs. Mac’ stuff. They’re all running the same hardware and the same x86 architecture when really the only difference is the operating system; both of which can be used on one another. Advertising will convince you they are fundamentally different. Tesla knows it too.

        • pureworx

          exactly tesla is for all them hipster type fanbois who swear by crapple products.. people with more money to throw on shiny shiny crap and carry a number limited brain cells.. they remind me of an old video game.. 3d lemmings

          • Status

            But if you were Apple or Tesla, would you cast them aside for being shallow idiots with deep pockets? I wouldn’t. I’d create a marketing environment where the consumer feels like they’re on the cutting edge of tomorrow, when in fact it’s really theme park with bright lights and a steep admission fee and with little of substance under the glossy surface.

  • Enter Ranting

    It has the stance of an AMC Eagle, without the grace.

    • Status

      Americans have never made a graceful vehicle.

      • Enter Ranting

        And you’re from where, you savvy design genius? Someplace where ignorant blanket statements are a substitute for intelligent discourse?

        • Status

          I’m from the outside world; that being the world that insular Americans known very little of. You don’t have to be a design genius or even a designer to know that American cars are vulgar in appearance and shambolic in their engineering.

          You want an intelligent discourse? How does the Dodge Charger pull off ‘grace’ without screaming ghetto? If you want things on your level, then tell us all how a wood-paneled AMC Eagle set the design world on fire by being cobbled together.


          • Enter Ranting

            Boy, did you miss my point about the Eagle. Not surprising. And I would never accuse the Charger of being graceful. But again, where are you from? Please tell me, so I can study your rich culture. Or are you too embarrassed? It’s OK, you can lie and tell us you live in Montmartre and drive a Delahaye.


          • Status

            It doesn’t matter where I’m from, as you’re deliberately trying to confuse culture with design. They aren’t the same. One is sociological, and the other is a learned skill without the added traits of fine art.

            But really, is mass production of cheaply made goods something to be proud of, or what the AMC Eagle something much deeper?

          • Enter Ranting

            Here’s what doesn’t matter: you. I’m sure everyone on this site agrees. Enjoy your gloomy life and your America complex. I won’t reply to your nonsense anymore, so take the last word. I know how much you need it to feel superior. Laughing at you from sunny California…

  • Cool guy
  • OdysseyTag

    For what it’s worth, the rear end isn’t half bad.

  • Auto

    Oh, they made it even uglier than the Model X.

  • smartalec

    This is the powertrain the leaf Nismo should have

  • SteersUright

    Gotta know when to hold em, gotta know when to fold ’em. Try again next round boys…

  • MultiKdizzle

    I like it.

  • MarketAndChurch

    It’s really rich in Audi DNA, yet it remains a very original Nissan design. Very nice.

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