Toyota Could Be Done With Diesels In Europe

Toyota could be done with diesel engines in Europe, the brand’s executive vice president says.

During an interview with Autocar at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show, Didier Leroy expressed his belief that the company may not launch any new diesel-powered vehicles in Europe.

“My personal opinion – and this is my personal opinion, not a company one – is no, we’ll not launch another diesel car,” Leroy said.

Interestingly, Leroy said that his opinion on diesels wasn’t formed after VW’s dieselgate scandal and was instead established in 2014 when he made a decision not to offer the C-HR crossover with a diesel.

“We took the view, a long time ago, that we would not sell the C-HR [crossover] with a diesel engine. At the time, the distributors were against my decision. They said they needed diesel for the market. But we needed to follow the long-term trend of eco-vehicles,” he asserted.

Leroy believes that the firm’s current diesel vehicles will be phased out during each product update.


  • Bash

    Diesel cars were never a real hit for Toyota tbh, not sure about how many of those cars other companies are selling every year.

    • Shelby GT500

      Well, diesel Toyota Prado, Hilux and Toyota Land Cruiser are rather popular…

      • Bash

        No, they are not.

        • Shelby GT500

          Maybe not in the US, but in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe

          • Bash


        • pureworx

          they are vey popular.. infact the hilux is a must have for many millitants.. they are virtually indestructable.. as top gear have proved.

          • Bash

            The petrol ones are popular, the Diesel ones are not.

          • pureworx

            diesels are very popular across asia and the middle east. even in europe.


  • f1300

    At last. They never build/sold a competitive Diesel. You might think that they never wanted to. But who put up the pictures for the article? Showing a model which isn’t even available in Europe? Or is it some kind of sarcasm I overlooked?

    • Timo

      It is available in Europe.

    • OG

      Well,their comercial/truck diesel engines are very reliable.

  • Christian Wimmer

    The whole anti-diesel hysteria at the moment is laughable and it’s encouraged by clueless politicians and the media who are going with the general flow of things. Pathetic.

    Clean diesels exist. Diesels are still a great alternative for certain kinds of vehicles and for the high-speed driving conditions we have in Germany in particular.

    The future is gonna suck with all these Green parties pushing for the elimination of the internal combustion engine in 2030/2040.

    • pureworx

      actually diesel needs to be restricted.. there is no such thing as clean diesel.. its just not possible.. unless you are aware of a diesel that only puts out co2 and o2 from the tail pipe?

      diesel should be integrated with hybrid tech for the logisitcs/transport sectors.. but not offered at all in public/personal cars

    • There is no clean petrol and especially there is no clean diesel. By 2030 there will be mass produced solid-state and or lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged within a few minutes and can go 300-400km at high speed on the Autobahn. What else do you need? Is it really worth to pollute to skip one single recharge? The diesels won’t go more than 800km either at Autobahn speeds. The laziness of our world is unbelievable. We will rather throw out plastics than wash dishes, we will rather not stop for 10 minutes to recharge than to have clean air.

      • pureworx

        sorry to burst your bubble but electric is not the answer either.. unless countries start producing at least double their current electric energy, there is no way they will be able to support recharging millions of vehicles and provide energy to millions of appliances. then there is the costs and pollution involved in mining and producing batteries and electric.. thats not cheap and probably wont ever be unless there is a major design breakthrough that brings toxic free, long range, high output, fast chanrging batteries that are not patented to make the creators millions… hydrogen is the logical answer.. the infrastructure is in place the big oil companies can easily make it happen.. they’re just being lazy.

        even the EV Messiah can’t get to mars with batteries, he needs hydrogen.

    • Thando_Gqabaza

      Clean Diesel is an oxymoron – stop drinking the German Kool-Aid

  • Kraken

    Who is Didier Leroy?

  • Trackhacker

    Who buys Diesel cars. It’s so lame.

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