Waymo Starts Promotional Push For The Benefits Of Autonomy

Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous vehicle arm, has started a promotional push for autonomous technologies in an effort to educate the public about the tech’s myriad of benefits.

In a Medium post, Waymo chief executive John Krafcik has announced the ‘Let’s Talk Self-Driving Cars’ programme, the first public education campaign for fully autonomous vehicles. The company believes the campaign will increase knowledge about the technology and address many key safety challenges.

To do so, Waymo has joined forces with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the National Safety Council, the Foundation for Blind Children, the East Valley Partnership and the Foundation for Senior Living.

It is easy to understand why Waymo has partnered with these organizations. For example, Mothers Against Drunk Driving can promote the benefits of self-driving cars in those circumstances when people have been drinking alcohol and can get a ride home in their autonomous car.

Similarly, autonomous vehicles could be incredibly beneficial for those with impairments to their eyesight and those older citizens who may no longer have the confidence or skills to drive a car, messages perfect for the Foundation for Blind Children and the Foundation for Senior Living to spruik.


  • Bash

    I keep imagining a hamster bubble every time i see this little car.

    • Benjamin B.

      They don’t even test these anymore. Google moved onto the Chrysler vans.

      • Bash

        Good to know lol

  • Dennis James

    …But they don’t have it yet. Nice way to cheat 🙂

  • gary4205

    We need to pass a constitutional amendment banning these damned things.

    Want a “self driving” vehicle? Ride the bus.

    • Status

      You keep bitching about a constitutional amendment to ban autonomous cars, but you don’t do anything to make it happen. You’re pathetic.

      You want it banned? Get political and make friends in Washington. Until then, you’re not going to stop anything from happening.