2019 Infiniti QX50 Fires Warning Shot At Premium Compact SUV Segment

Infiniti brought their 2019 QX50 to the LA Auto Show in order to showcase its dynamic lines and stylish interior, hoping it can go on to challenge the likes of the Mercedes GLC or the new BMW X3.

The new QX50 is built on an all-new platform, featuring a FWD-based layout, meant to make it one of the most refined, sporty and spacious crossovers in its segment.

“The 2019 QX50 is the most important vehicle we have ever launched, and it embodies everything the brand stands for: Beautiful design, advanced technology and empowering performance,” said Infiniti’s global VP, Christian Meunier.

Carrying such a heavy torch requires a strong power unit, which is why the Japanese automaker fitted the all-new QX50 with the world’s first production-ready variable compression ratio engine, combining the power of a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol unit with the torque and fuel efficiency of a four-cylinder diesel – at least that’s how Infiniti sees it.

While no straight line performance figures have been released, we do know the engine puts down 268 HP (272 PS) and 280 lb-ft (380 Nm) of torque, with the help of an XTRONIC CVT.

As standard, buyers can purchase the QX50 with front wheel drive, as the AWD system costs extra.


  • Jay

    This is so much better looking than it’s predecessor!

  • CarCzarDesigner

    It looks like Infinity/ Nissan has a winner.

  • gor134

    More like non-penetrative plastic bullets. No way this car would be better than Q5, GLC, X3, XC60 and Stelvio.

    • DM

      I think this actually competes with Q3, X1, since the new Q5 and X3 are significantly bigger.

    • Paddy

      You don’t even have seen the vehicle, much less driven it…. your opinion sounds sheepish…. you are unable to accept that an Infiniti could challenge your European cars… such a vain chick… grow up dude… this car look much more impressive that all the European cars you have mentioned…. I have driven an Infiniti for 4 years and have no complaints whatsoever…. even after the warranty period it still drives like a charme, unlike the European cars that cost a bomb for maintenance as soon as the warranty runs out

  • Mark S

    Infinity is starting to grow up.

    • Jason Miller



    GLC knock-off

    • dn12005

      I don’t see it…

      I do see a lot of influence from the INFINITI Essence Concept of 2008, and their subsequent concepts that followed. All which have defined INFINITI’s current design language (and in some cases, yet to be released prototypes (pre-production cars) influencing some of their recent concepts)…

  • Sébastien

    That center console 🙁

  • “While no straight line performance figures have been released, ” there has been figure of 0-60 in 6.3 seconds, state by infiniti from the release of the QX50 more than 5 days ago.

  • “The 2019 QX50 is the most important vehicle we have ever launched…” Really? Is Mr. Meunier talking about his current staff? I believe Infiniti has launched many other vehicles way more significant than this crossover/SUV, beginning with the very first Infiniti.

  • DM

    I like the interior, looks fairly different to other new cars that just seem to copy from the same trend: tablet screens and a few buttons below.

  • nauticalone

    Looking very nice here Infiniti!

  • Taegon Lewis

    I love this Infiniti, but the CVT hurts my soul, a little bit.

    Plus, I don’t know why, certain people complain about the interior, in previous articles about the (newer) QX50. It’s decent enough, to be considered premium. Doesn’t matter, how much cheap plastic it has. Heck, I respect luxury vehicles with cheap interiors, than affordable/other luxury vehicles with premium interiors. (i.e. Mazda, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Acura, Alfa Romeo, etc…)

    Otherwise, I really love this SUV. Great job, Infiniti/Nissan. Now, if only, Nissan-badged vehicles were this exiting.

    (Well, other than; the GT-R and Z. But, they’re old, now. And, desperate for updates, or to have new generations; the R36 and Z35.)

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