Ferrari Threatens To Quit F1 Over New Engine Regulations

Ferrari could quit Formula One after the 2020 season if the organizers go ahead with their recently proposed plan of significant regulation changes, according to Sergio Marchionne.

The CEO of the Italian car maker said that Ferrari “will not play” unless F1 owners Liberty Media provide them with “a set of circumstances, the result of which are beneficial for the maintenance of the brand in the marketplace and for strengthening the unique position of Ferrari.” He also said that leaving F1 could eventually boost Ferrari and “we will celebrate until the cows come home,” during an analysts’ call, Bloomberg reports.

Ferrari has never missed a season in F1 since the inception of the motorsport series and a potential withdrawal could land a significant blow to the sport.

The proposed new regulations for the 2021 season include a new governance structure as well as new engine rules with lower development costs and budget limits in order to lure more manufacturers into the sport. According to Ross Brawn, managing director of F1, the performance gap between the teams should be “controlled” because “you can’t pour millions of dollars in and start to widen it”.

While Ferrari is backing the plan to reduce the costs for the teams, it disagrees with the idea of not having some sort of “powertrain uniqueness” playing the role of “distinctiveness in the participants lineup.”


  • Six_Tymes

    I see their point. the sport would kind of suck without them. Ferrari’s engineers have done so much for the sport, more than any other manufacturer. I personally think the organizers want them to leave, and want the sport to slowly die so that the cookie cutter E series is only left. so much for engineering… the sport of killing sports has begun.

    • LeStori

      Yes. I enjoy Ferrari losing and the Team frothing at the mouth when they do. They are good entertainment.

      Unfortunately even a Hybrid system is not where the Automotive world seems to be going. F1 is either going to be an entertainment or an irrelevance. Personally i do not care what they do to the engines. Just give them decent tyres,andate the number of pit stops and revise the aerodynamic twaddle such that the cars can actually slipstream. However to be the ultimate entertainment system there needs to be reason for innovation. Going to be a hard choice on what is the best way to do it.

    • smartacus

      you nailed it.
      they WANT
      Ferrari out
      already so
      the sport
      can die.

    • Felix Le Forestier

      Good idea to kill something you just bought

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Oh nooooo…


    Bye Ferrari.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Don’t make a threat you aren’t prepared to back up…

    Good riddance.

    • lagunas3ca

      My words exactly. Ferrari has not accomplished anything in F1 since 2007. Sick of reading the hype about how every year is supposed to be “Ferrari’s year,” especially since they have switched to hybrid engines. Porsche would make for a great replacement. Even though I would love to watch Porsche eat Ferrari’s cake too.

      • Fabián Montiel

        Well, the last championship was in 2007, but they were really really really close in 2008. Ferrari went downhill since 2009 when KERS was introduced.

      • gbmike25

        wow so I’m NOT the only one!! Also sick and tired of them whining because they can’t win…please, bye bye Fuckrarri….

        • You’re far from alone ! It seems not a year goes by without Ferrari complaining about something. At the end of the day, they’re throwing their toys out the pram because they’re not winning. Its as simple as that. Oh and we’ve not had a ‘quit threat’ for at least two years so we’re due one soon… 🙂

      • Vassilis

        Although I don’t agree with such threats, Ferrari doesn’t need to have won championships in the last few years in order for them to matter. To a certain degree Ferrari is F1. Every year is supposed to be Ferrari’s year exactly because they’re so important for the series. No other manufacturer has shown the same commitment that Ferrari has.

    • annon

      sadly we all know that ain’t gonna happen, FIA (Ferrari International Assistance) would have to change their name… 🙂

      • Michelin

        It seems Ferrari International Assistence helped Mercedes and Red Bull over scuderia Ferrari .
        You can see oil burning and suspensions rules, for example…
        When Mercedes had problems with tyres, they did illegal tests to set tyres and suspensions. No one rimember it ??? Where was FIA officials?


    expect 1.5L triple turbo V6 to kill F1

  • Michelin

    Mercedes and Renault annonced some days ago the same position of Ferrari about 2021 rules of F1 engines. Only Honda didn’t say its position about change of rules in engine projet. That’ s understandeable after unreliability and low performance of their engines ….

  • Maricaibo

    So far I’m not sure Liberty’s purchase will be good for the sport. At least Brawn has some F1 experience. The other Liberty guys I’ve listened to are nearly completely opaque and I have no idea what their plans for F1 are. Not really sure an American media company understands F1. I REALLY hope they don’t try to water it down or run it like NASCAR. First we’re getting halos, then maybe a closed LMP cockpit or enclosed wheels?

    Guess I’m saying I do not trust Liberty Media to run F1.

  • KSegg

    As far as I’m concerned, F1 stopped being interesting after the V10 era.

  • Kevin Tay

    Out of all places in the world, they chose to host the conference meeting in the most environmentally friendly city in the world. Maybe if the meeting was held in the USA, such a clusterfuck wouldn’t happen.

  • Michelin

    At last Ferrari, Haas and Sauber (Ferrari engines) are the only teams not based in England, except Toro Rosso.
    F1 without Ferrari became an England championship, not a world championship….

  • Cynical175

    I remember the LeMans days when the Ford Cobra was beating the stuffing’s out of the Ferraris and they changed the rules in Ferraris favour so that the Ford had no chance to win it. Typical Italian whining like a baby throwing his toys out of the crib in a fit.

    • LeStori

      Yes. Ferrari doing a dummy spit.

  • karmat

    It’s so dumb that they have a V6 formula for F1. They should do something like:
    2.5L 12 cyl
    2.7L 10 cyl
    3.0L 8 cyl
    3.5L 6 cyl
    3.8L 5 cyl
    4.0L 4 cyl
    For each turbo you add, you lose 1.0L of capacity
    If you have any electric motors/hybrid systems, your engine capacity gets cut in half.
    If you choose an engine configuration that is consistent with your brands heritage, you get 0.5L extra.
    No rules on Aero, or how many wheels you drive.
    Who wouldn’t tune in to watch that?

  • We’ve not had a ‘quit threat’ from Ferrari for at least two years. I was beginning to think they’re going soft. Good to see them back on form. Throw a few more toys out that pram Ferrari…

  • CarCzarDesigner

    I don’t understand why Ferrari would threaten to quit. In the 80’s they were run over by Honda & Frank Williams… Today, the tables have turned in their favor and they are only stronger for staying in Formula One. I think Ferrari is afraid of the time when a Racer like Sir, Jack Brabham or Bruce McLaren could enter F1 and win. Competition improves the breed and Sergio Marchionne shouldn’t fear a challenge for superiority on the race track.

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