First Used Bugatti Chiron In UK Said To Make Owner $1.3 Million Profit

With just over 1,000 miles on the clock, this Bugatti Chiron is barely used and apparently, even more valuable than we thought.

We first learned about this car a couple of weeks ago, although expectations where that it would simply fetch upwards of £2.5 ($3.2 million), with a final number remaining unclear.

Now, specialist supercar dealer Romans International is saying that the owner of the car will make a roughly £1 million ($1.3m) profit once somebody claims this Chiron, which will happen sooner rather than later seen as how the buyer could purchase the vehicle immediately instead of waiting around for a brand new one.

So while the sticker price for the Chiron first read £2.5 million ($3.32m), the hypercar has now soared in value to £3.6 million ($4.78m), an increase of £1.1 million ($1.46m). That’s one heck of a profit to make after driving this thing for just 1,330 miles (2,140 km).

“Although the Chiron is not yet sold out, if you place an order today you will be waiting at least three or four years before the car could be built and delivered, so we are offering the chance to ‘jump the queue’ but of course there is a hefty premium to pay for this privilege,” said Romans International director, Tom Jaconelli.


  • pureworx

    so the car has not been sold.. so therefore the owner has not made any profit.. bs story just to generate free advertisement for the dealer.

    • David Doyle

      As if Romans needed it

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    A fool and his money….

    • LWOAP

      ….. usually.wind up in Vegas and then shit happens. When you start getting phone calls from people you don’t recognize, that might be a hint you should definitely pay off those debts before something bad happens.

  • YAWN.

  • David Doyle

    Another non story, but interesting I guess.

    Crap spec, but props to the original owner for selling it early. Someone will pay that much over MSRP instead of waiting.