BMW i8 Roadster To Finally Premiere At LA Auto Show

The long-awaited BMW i8 Roadster will premiere at the LA Auto Show later this month, BMW Blog reports.

While the world doesn’t yet know if the car will be dubbed the i8 Roadster or the i8 Spyder, we do know it will come standard with a folding soft top and benefit from all the updated design elements of the facelifted i8 coupe, also set to arrive soon.

BMW refused to comment on the possibility of the car debuting in Los Angeles but even still, previous intel suggests that it won’t just be the car’s design that distinguishes it from the i8 we’re familiar with. In fact, the car’s battery capacity will be doubled to approximately 14-kWh, therefore improving the current 23-mile (37 km) all-electric range.

Thankfully, the droptop i8 will retain the butterfly doors of the coupe.


  • pureworx

    why all the camo on whats basically a roof chooped version of an exisiting model.. looks heavy, slow and how thin are those wheels?

    • TheBelltower

      It’s structure is entirely CF, so it’s not heavy, it’s not slow, and the wheels are definitely thin (20 X 8.5) compared to what you’d expect.

  • fabri99

    I’ve always loved the i8, but the hype for this car has faded long ago. They waited to long to come up with some new i-models, the i5 should be here already and this i8 Roadster shouldn’t have joined the range this late. Hurry up BMW, or you’ll be left out the EV party.


    Better late than never. Although, it could affect this car’s ability to sell.

    • TheBelltower

      The 3cyl engine is completely unacceptable in a $150k car. Maybe if the performance was supercar fast, then it would be okay. But 4.4 second 0-60 time in a $150k sports car doesn’t help.