Ford Focus RS Filmed Drifting Again And Again On The Ring

The Ford Focus RS has a special ‘Drift’ mode that makes it easier to control it when going sideways, but how often have you seen it in action during a track day at the Nurburgring?

It’s safe to assume that the driver of this compact hot hatch had a lot of fun in the famous German circuit, as he was filmed pushing that rear end out a few times and tried to keep it for as long as he could.

Still, despite almost losing it once, no cars were damaged during these tail-shaking laps, as we have seen it happen before to drivers that believed the special ‘Drift’ mode would turn them into professional drifters. After all, even your mom can drift it, can’t she?

Despite the Nordschleife being notorious for its unforgiving nature, we have to give some credit to the driver of this Focus RS not just for his skills, but also for doing his antics with the 345 HP super hatch on the track and not on public roads.


  • Six_Tymes

    having a bit of fun, or he or she doesn’t have rain tires.

  • Julien Lachemoi

    I didn’t see a single drift in that video.

    • G82FS

      Agreed, the car was just sliding in the rain because of a bad driver…

  • nuno

    Audi RS3 even does it on dry track. Oh wait…

  • Vassilis

    Cool to see a Polo R WRC.

  • tseventy6

    Actually there’s three different cars.
    One from Germany, one from the UK with sunroof and one from the UK without sunroof…

  • alecs

    Its not as fast or as good as Japanese cars but no one Ford is…