Get An Inside Look At The 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Mercedes-Benz is whetting our appetite for the new, fourth generation A-Class with the first official photos of the compact car’s cabin, released at an exclusive event in Germany, Wednesday night.

If the interior design looks familiar, that’s because the new A-Class draws heavily from the latest E-Class and to a lesser extent, the S-Class. It borrows the former’s dashboard layout with two high-tech, free-standing flat screens, five turbine-look air vents and simplified center console, and the S-Class’ multifunctional steering wheel.

The highlight, of course, is the two screens that seem to be floating on top of the dashboard that’s divided by a ‘trench’. They will be available in three versions, depending on the model and equipment chosen. Base trims get two 7-inch (17.78 cm) screens, while higher level models either one 7-inch and one 10.25-inch (26 cm) or two 10.25-inch displays. The latter two variants use bonded glass technology for the screens.

The first screen replaces the traditional instrument panel while the other is used to display, and in conjunction to the buttons on the center console and the touchpad, control the air-conditioning and infotainment systems.

The same interior will be used on all A-Class derivatives.

“Thanks to the visual separation of the lower section from the main body of the dashboard, the former appears to float in front of the dashboard,” says Hartmut Sinkwitz, Head of Interior Design. “At the same time, the A-Class is the first series-production model to dispense completely with a classic cockpit shroud. This literally places the large widescreen cockpit with its bonded glass technology in the forefront. Moreover, there is no longer a display in the A/C control panel, as the visual representation is exclusively via the central display.”

If you haven’t figured it out already, one of Mercedes’ main goals was to nudge the A-Class closer to its more luxurious siblings by offering buyers of its entry model the sense that they’re getting the same treats, but in a smaller, and more city-friendly, package.

To that extent, the Germans claim to have amplified the level of luxury by offering features and options more commonly found in higher segments. Two examples mentioned by Mercedes include the seats with climate control and massage functions, and the use of 64 LEDs for direct and indirect lighting to create a special and personalized ambience

On top of that, Benz says that the new A-Class will be more spacious for both passengers and their luggage. In particular, there’s more shoulder-room (front +9 mm, rear +22 mm), elbow-room (front +35 mm, rear +36 mm) and headroom (front +7 mm, rear +8 mm), while boot space has increased by 29 liters to 370 liters.

Furthermore, thanks to the two-section rear lights, the loading aperture is 200mm wider than before, and the luggage compartment floor is 115 mm longer. The rear seats have a 60/40 split as standard, while a rear seat backrest with a 40/20/40 split will be available.

Passengers will have more and bigger storage units inside, with the door panels now having enough space to hold 1.5-liter bottles or A4-sized magazines.

Mercedes also stated that the A-Class will offer much better visibility as the obscured area has been reduced by 10 percent compared to the current model. “This was principally achieved by specifically slimming down the A, B and C-pillars and their claddings. Improved visibility is also assured by positioning the exterior mirrors on the door outer panel rather than in the mirror triangle,” said the automaker.

The arrival of the five-door A-Class hatchback is scheduled for next year’s Geneva Motor Show in March, with European sales starting in the summer. It will be followed by a more conservative A-Class Sedan in both regular and long-wheelbase (likely for China) forms in the same year, while in 2019, we’ll see the replacements for the GLA crossover and the CLA in four-door sedan and possibly, shooting brake (estate) body styles.

All models will share the same underpinnings and powertrains that will include diesel, gasoline and 48V plug-in petrol-electric hybrid units. On the performance front, we’ll see a new A40 AMG model with a de-tuned 2.0-liter four producing around 300 horses, and a full-force A45 AMG with a newly developed 2.0L four banger churning out over 400 horses.

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  • Six_Tymes

    ass class. lol. this does look good

  • Kaisuke971

    This interior looks very nice, we’ll see if it the quality corresponds

    • donald seymour

      Very true statement. The thing with Merc as of lately is that the style overrides quality. And a lot of people seem to not understand that. The touch and feel isn’t there. And to be honest its not on Lexus’s level when it comes to that particular category. Now, the visual excitement is there, but not the overall quality of materials.

      • pcurve

        i agree. I sat inside the S-class couple years and and was disappointed at how single surface felt thin and insubstantial. Certainly looked nice though. TBH, lexus interior quality has been on a decline for the past 10 years, but the trend is reversing recently.

  • gor134

    Cool but I am VERY disappointed with Mercedes just trashing the AMG name. I was fine with 45, 55, 63, and 65, but now 40, 43, and 53? nope

    • pcurve

      I agree, but this article makes no mention of AMG…

      • gor134

        Did you read the last paragraph?

        • pcurve

          Now I did 😉

    • Merc1

      You should wait until the official cars/numbers come out.


    • or 32 ..i miss that one

  • Bananarama

    That looks pretty fantastic. It’s been cool to see the S class interior trickle down. Now even their “economy” cars have the double screen interfaces.

    The new Merc airvents are my favorite in the industry now too. Super futuristic.

    • BGM

      It used to be, years and years ago, that you worked hard, climbed the career ladder, and ultimately rewarded yourself with an S class. And your car couldn’t be confused with anything else. Now anyone can have an S class, just smaller (the E class) or even smaller (C class), and so on. Your S class isn’t special anymore but you have no choice! Audi does the same and so does BMW 🙁

      • Bash

        They may look similar in many aspects, i give you that, but an S is an S, and same thing with the E, C, A.. I don’t think anyone driving an S will make him feel less special when pulling up next to an E or C.
        They are similar, but not the same.

        • Enter Ranting

          They’re VERY similar – difficult to tell the difference in traffic. Do people want their $110,000 coupe looking almost indistinguishable from a $50,000 coupe?

      • Bananarama

        Good? Better designs for more people. Good design and features aren’t reserved for the elite anymore. I’m sure they’ll wipe away their tears of being less unique with their cash.

      • Bob

        Nah friend. The S-Class is still THE S-CLASS. Someone in an E-class will shrink when an S-class appears.

      • Belthronding Tinuviel

        İt is German disease.

  • BGM

    I wait for the day that car manufacturers will make their different cars look… different… This *all the same, different sizes* is truly a disgusting thing.

    • brn

      It does seem to be the trend. I blame BMW.

      • PK

        why blame bmw?

        • brn

          They popularized “all the same, different sizes”.

      • Ary Wisesa

        And Audi. Their cars look essentially very similar.

        • BGM

          You’re not kidding. I’m a car guy (obviously) and honestly I have a hell of a time telling one Audi from another.

          • alexxx

            I have a hell of a time telling one Merc from another…

          • donald seymour

            You and me both. Swear, I can’t tell the difference between the A3 and A4 and A6.

    • Cobrajet

      It only needs to look like a Mercedes Benz.

  • WG

    I like this interior better than 7-series’s interior lol.

    • PK

      i concur (y)

  • Sufyan Shahid

    Game over, this is class leading S-Class wide screen, New CLS Coupé vents, new MB Wheel, cohesive structure throughout interior…. Now I need to see that new A45 😍 Bravo

  • mick

    Very nice. At first I thought it was an official pic of the next g-wagen interior.

  • Six Thousand Times

    It’s a bigger, longer floating tablet but it looks nice enough.

  • Hi I am Zako

    Guess they have ordered too many dual screens and air vents in stock. lol


  • Bash


  • wait a minute

    Interior design of the new model looks to be class leading, I only hope it’s not let down by the cheapo hard plastics used in the current A class.

  • How do you read huge Ipads when it’s not night? How do they avoid reflections, glare and flare? Please tell me.

    • Sufyan Shahid

      You can turn the brightness up

    • Carenthusiast

      Look at the screen orientation and it is quite upright and that’s how reflections can be mitigated. However, if you look at new A8/A7 or Range Rover Velar with dual touchscreens, they are more angled and I’m sure they are prone to reflections and glare. I still think Audi have made a mistake by going away from MMI controller to touch sensitive displays.

  • emjayay

    The round air vent thing is I believe aping Rolls Royce, which hung onto the round vent because of conservative design which was like in a 1965 Buick only decades later. These are worse. They give the whole dashboard an embarrassingly gimcracky pinball machine look.

    Mercedes should retain a little of the handcrafted interior look they used to have. It’s gone.

  • Bob

    Cool but I’d like to see it in low spec base model. Standard split screen doesn’t looks so nice.

  • surfshop

    Too much vents and circles

  • Ermal Morina

    Wow.It’s brilliant.They really up’d the game with this one

  • Robert

    Once again Mercedes garishly over-styles to the point of offensive & downright tacky. Seriously, I’d take the Kia Stinger interior over this design explosion.

    • AEE91


  • Autoexperte

    in the next generation this stupid looking screen get curved

  • Kagan

    To long front overhang!

  • Kagiso Mutlaneng

    I got mine fully fitted and it already looks outdated next to this. This looks amazing!

  • exeptor

    I can’t see any other car in this class which can match this interior. It actually looks like a better interpretation of this design language than the one in E class for example. Really good move from Mercedes. If they fix several things which bothers many people in the latest A class (like the way taillight was integrated with the trunk door and the place in the rear seats) then it might be a real bestseller. I will definitely shortlist this car.

    • Dings

      This is the newest car in this segment too!
      Yes they have done a beautiful job here, congrats to the team mercedes

  • cashifyer

    Thats also how the CLA will look like!

  • salamOOn

    omg it looks better than new G-class interior….

  • Yes!! This is it! but.. it would have been nice to have the screen having a visor for glare ..

    • Marty

      Yes, it’s a bit more integrated than the worst examples (e.g. Model 3), but I still don’t understand why the screen must be visually separated with the rest of the dash, with a frame and stuff.

  • Jason Panamera

    I hope that low spec base model will look also good. Overall interior looks good, even better than in CLS what makes me disappointed. New CLS like new A class should have leather dashboard and wood above, like in S coupe.

  • sidewaysspin

    Still looks primitive and very cluttered compared to a tesla.

    • salamOOn

      then go ahead and just buy a tesla with that super-duper amazing unprimitive uncluttered amazing one screen interior…..

      ps. i know i used 2x amazing….. thats just because its so amazing.

      • sidewaysspin

        The new Tesla does look a bit more futuristic.

  • iea96

    That doesn’t look very suiting. Those air vents look way too funky, like they came from a Citroen or something.


    better than before

  • Gowtham Oleti

    Did they ditch the wheel for their infotainment system??

    • Kagiso Mutlaneng

      Yup, C-Class F/L as well will be using this touchpad (see the GLC F-Cell concept)

  • javier

    too much, too much. The minimalist audi interior looks better and better , but the a3 handles like all the weight is over the front

    • Ermal Morina

      I don’t understand how A3′ interior can look better than this.Yes it is minimalist,but that doesn’t mean it’s better than this.This A class interior looks like it’s a class above the A3.

    • Carenthusiast

      I hope you’ve seen the new A8/A7 interior! It’s not minimalist anymore, is it? More complex I would say with the touch sensitive displays

    • SteersUright

      The A3 is so minimalist there’s almost nothing there. This is leagues ahead, in my opinion. The A3 is startlingly austere inside.

  • And as optioned €55,000…Will have to pass with these prices and could not justify paying such a high premium for such a small car…

  • SteersUright

    Very impressive for this class of car. Just wonder how much more all these fancy options add the the bottom line. If an A-class is suddenly going for $48k, then its not worth it.

  • Victor Ferreira

    Pleaaaase bring this to the US.

  • Garry Petrisic

    Got rid of that ridiculous floating screen and doubled its size by attaching the instrument panel.
    Still looks ugly. The designers are lazy. Top car spoilt by lazy design work.

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