Jeep Inadvertently Leaks 2018 Wrangler Pricing And Equipment List

Pricing details for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler have just leaked online alongside the full standard equipment list for the Wrangler Sport, Sahara and Rubicon models.

According to the JL Wrangler Forums, the four-door 2018 Wrangler Sport will start at $30,445 in the United States, a $2550 increase over the 2017 model. Despite the increased price of this particular model, the host of standard features now available with the new Wrangler should help convince any enthusiasts that the price hike is worth it.

Sitting at the entry-level end of the range will be the two- and four-door 2018 Wranglers. Some of the keys standard features of the Sport include three separate tow hooks, electronic stability control, tinted glass, a fuel tank skid plate, hill start assist, keyless go, full-size spare wheel, traction control and a five-inch Uconnect infotainment system.

Next in the range is the Wrangler Sahara. It adds a host of important technologies not featured on the Sport, including air conditioning, heavy duty suspension with gas shocks, leather-wrapped steering wheel, power heated mirrors, a rear stabilizer bar, remote keyless entry, a security alarm, and a 7-inch infotainment screen.

Last but not least is the Rubicon, the most off-road focused and luxurious of all three. Among its key standard features are an 8.4-inch Uconnect system, Tru-lok front and rear axles, rock protection sill rails, performance suspension, 17-inch off-road tires, front disconnecting stabilizer bar, Dana wide front and rear axles, and a 4.10 rear axles ratio.


  • Rocc E. Normyss

    I’m certain it was a ‘leak, just like every other auto related introduction ‘leak. Whatever…..

  • renesis 16x

    Sweet. Just need to solve some niggles and improve reability

  • pcurve

    Hope the 4 door version has reclining seat back because riding in back seat of the last model felt like ride on side seat of jail transport truck.

    • LWOAP

      Not likely.

    • Moveon Libtards

      Speaking from experience? 😉

      • pcurve

        it was supposed to be a peaceful protest!

  • eb110americana

    First Easter Egg: looks like the cowl intake is a throwback to the ’80s era rectangle-headlight Jeeps.

    • Matt

      Isn’t an ‘Easter Egg’ some hidden novelty you find in the infotainment system?

  • Tony J

    Lol so the only way to get an off road bias SUV to be good off road is the fully loaded “luxury” model jeez Jeep has really lost its way

  • “Inadvertently”?

  • Raf

    no a/c on the sport model? kinda lame

    • Moveon Libtards

      Base models are used for rock climbing modding mostly by purists. You can still add it as an option if you really need it.

  • ediotsavant

    Looks like they softened it so you wouldn’t take it off roading. I predict these would be very popular in mall parking lots.

    • Moveon Libtards

      They look “softened”? Ha, ha…

      They look more sophisticated and refined…And technically better in every way. Who cares if they end up in mall parking lots. No different from all those $100K Land Rovers and G-Wagons. Money in FCA’s bank. Jealous?

  • ck

    Since when is A/C a technology? Should be standard on all models. This isn’t the 1970’s but I guess no one told FCA that.

    • Pissshhh… we spent week in UK this year, and no ICE nor A/C anywhere except for NANDOS… geezus people! And we just watched “The Great British Bake Off”, listen to podcasts and read online forums and again GEEZUS PEOPLE USE Air Conditioning. The show was hot enough to liquify solid chocolate “on set”. So, it’s a MAJOR TECHNOLOGY struggle for one country and its peoples.

  • Moveon Libtards

    The new Jeeps will be a smash hit in the U.S. and internationally. If you check the JL forum online, it has so much info and photos…

    Beautiful vehicle with amazing tech and thoughtful design. Homerun for sure.

    • These look great. What’s really NICE is like the Pacifica SMASH HIT… this will be the first being out from under stupid German co-partnership idiots.

  • Ary Wisesa

    I like it that Jeep still retains its classic design but added a bit of modern touch in the headlight. Nice…

  • Emoto

    Too bad these guys don’t have any sources better than the same forums we can all browse.

  • My son, FCA engineer who works on all these things pre-release, said this is a nice upgrade.

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