New Kia Stinger Undercuts BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe’s Price By Over $11,000

Kia’s highly anticipated Stinger sports sedan is expected in U.S. dealerships next month, spread across five available trim levels.

The entry-level Stinger is priced from $31,900, while the Stinger Premium starts at $37,100, the Stinger GT at $38,350, and the GT1 and GT2 at $43,250 and $49,200 respectively. Adding all-wheel drive means spending an extra $2,000, and then you’ve got the $900 destination charge.

That’s significantly less than other premium sports cars in the segment, such as the 4-cylinder turbocharged 430i that starts from $43,100 or the Audi A5 Sportback that is priced from $42,600. The V6-powered GT is also cheaper than its theoretical rivals, as the 440i GC starts from $49,500 (not taking into consideration any differences in equipment). 

“Although the Stinger is unlike any other Kia that has come before it in terms of pure driving enjoyment, it is still very much a traditional Kia in that it offers consumers a very compelling value proposition, providing excellent performance and handling, premium features and functionality when compared to its much higher-priced competitors,” said KMA exec, Orth Hedrick.

Purchasing the base Stinger model means getting a passive suspension tuned for a balanced ride. Meanwhile, GT models are available with Kia’s electronically controlled Dynamic Stability Damping Control, as well as Brembo brakes.

The entry-level audio system for the 2.0-liter turbo features six speakers and a 7″ color touchscreen, while the standard system found in the GT trim boasts 9 speakers and comes with an external amplifier. If that’s still not enough, you can also get an optional Harman/Kardon audio system with Surround Sound technology.

Powering the base Stinger and Premium trims is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-pot, good for 255 HP and 260 lb-ft (352 Nm) of torque, whereas the GT versions get a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6, producing 365 HP and 376 lb-ft (494 Nm) of torque. Both units work alongside an eight-speed rear-drive automatic transmission.

  • Stinger starts at $31,9002

  • Stinger Premium starts at $37,1002

  • GT starts at $38,3502

  • GT1 starts at $43,2502

  • GT2 starts at $49,2002

  • All-wheel drive: $2,200

  • Destination: $900


  • Maricaibo

    These things should sell like hotcakes- 365 HP, 376 lb-ft and RWD? Drifter heaven.

    • xDRAN0x

      In Need for Speed probably…

    • Burnermovement

      Except when MT tested it on the ‘ring, the rear end didn’t really like to break loose.

    • SteersUright

      I dont know about that. I saw one in person and it isn’t very good looking to me. Exudes cheapness on the outside and looks in need of a facelift already. Interior is a nice step up for Kia. Also, it humungous! This is not the sport sedan they make it out to be. It’s simply too large. I think the G80 sport or whatever they’re calling the shorter wheelbase, lighter Hyundai version might prove to be the winner of the bunch though I do personally LOVE the whole “liftback” (hatchback) on a sedan trend. I think the A7 is one of the best looking most practical super sedans on the market, especially the new one. This is no A7. Its cheaper in price and appearance.

  • Craig

    The Stinger is most definitely on my ‘short list’ of cars I’d love to own.

  • Craig

    It’s easy to forget that the Stinger is not KIA’s flagship. The K900 is. And the top of the line K900 V8 with the VIP Plus Package MSRP’s for $68,905.

    • Joe E

      Agreed. But Stinger should be KIA’s spiritual flagship. It positions them nicely in that former Pontiac space of affordable performance vs. the delusional luxury class that the K900 aims for. They seem to have captured many former Pontiac buyers anyway.

  • bd

    And let’s not forget that the Stinger splits the difference in size between the A5 and A7, making it even more of a bargain.

  • rodriguez256

    This car was beautiful to look at in person. Too bad it was kept of limits to sit in.

    • Tumbi Mtika


      • rodriguez256


    • IFDU

      The dealer near me allowed people to sit in one. Go check again and see. It has a nice interior, but it has the typical KIA plastics. I’m sure the focus was on how it drives (for obvious reasons).

      • rodriguez256

        I saw it at an auto show that came by last weekend. This car and a few others I wanted to see where either locked or fenced off. I’m assuming the Kia interior is where the cost saving had to go into to price it lower than some of it competitors.

    • SteersUright

      Funny, I liked it in magazines and then had the opposite reaction in person. It looked cheap and too Chevy with all its chrome bits.

  • No More Crappy Cars?

    Gotta tell ya…Kia might finally be getting it together. I like the Stinger and will test drive one with my wife. It’ll be our first time—ever—in a Kia showroom. And, that’s exactly what Kia likely intended was draw a new audience with this vehicle. Get the MPG figures higher though, if you want us to buy,

  • botornot387

    This isn’t a competitor to those models except in it’s specs. A luxury buyer isn’t going to cross shop these models. The price difference comes with the territory of not having any prestige and a cheaper interior. This is going to compete with the Nissan Maxima, and should do well.

    • Rocket

      If it competes in specs, it is by definition a competitor. If a potential buyer likes everything except the badge, that problem lies with the buyer, not the car. I’m not saying there aren’t other reasons to buy an Audi or BMW, but true enthusiasts shop for the better car for him/her, not for the badge. If you claim the former but do the latter, you’re no enthusiast.

      • Jay

        f it competes in specs? All things compete in specs but aren’t the same. The “better car” is a loaded term cuz 1. you don’t know that this car will be like and 2. this has a lot more risks associated to it vs the other brands from actual car to dealer support and servicing associated. And to say a car enthusiast shouldn’t care about the badge is nuts, the badge to someone in the know can tell you a ton about the brand that makes it and potentially how that car would be or what they stand for. A BMW is the sporty luxury median, the Audi is the AWD king of tech, MB is comfort and convenience and Lexus is the reliable and dealer focused one- the rest are trying to be any one of those 4, even Tesla which already cornered the premium electric label. Also, having an ugly out of date literal badge in this case is not a confidence builder. I want more brands and more options but a car purchase is not about just the product alone when competing with higher end models.

        • Rocket

          Sounds like you’re buying image, not the car. Your stereotypes prove it. And for the record, BMW is the most overrated brand in the history of the automobile.

          • Jay

            Stereotypes? okkkkk “car enthusiast”- those are basically known facts. Your hyperboles are not helping you either. Yeah i’m buying an “image” of dependable support from a manufacturer or dealer network- sure guy. Sounds like you need an excuse to bring these other brands down so you can justify your purchases. I never put down the Kia. If anything I wished they could fix their glaring issues- but it’s still discounted car for a reason and it’s not out of the kindness of Kia.

          • Rocket

            They aren’t known facts. When you actually get behind the wheel of some of those cars, you find that the stereotypes are just plain wrong. Every Benz isn’t the most comfortable in its class, Audis do not necessarily have the best AWD systems, and BMW’s absolutely are not always the best drivers. That is the fact.

            I don’t need to justify anything. I’ve owned Audi’s, an Infiniti, a BMW (POS) and there’s a Benz in my garage right now. All purchased new and because they were the better vehicle for me. My daily driver is a Touareg TDI. I didn’t buy it for the badge. I bought it because I felt it was a better vehicle than the M Class and X5. Saving a few bucks was a bonus.

        • bd

          So what would an “enthusiast” pick?

          A FWD Audi A4 with a turbo-4 or a RWD Stinger GT with a TTV6?

          And some reviewers have noted that the Stinger is more fun to drive than the 3/4 Series.

      • Merc1

        Just because cars have similar specs does not mean they compete. Like an SL and a Corvette, they’re no competitors, but similar cars on paper.


        • Rocket

          Just because you think the Corvette is beneath the SL, doesn’t mean everybody does. I’d wager my Marketing/Consumer Behavior degree some have cross-shopped the SL and Vette. A few might have even bought the Vette even if they could afford the Merc.

          • Jay

            How about you wager your actual job. There’s a difference between objective and subjective. They’re not competitors- even the manufacturer will tell you this Mr Market Behavior- or you know seeing any of their… marketing. Your whole argument is based on feelings and not raw demographic analysis or the verticals a specific car is aligned to.

          • Rocket

            This is an opinion site … nearly everything is subjective. That doesn’t make it any less illogical to say the Stinger can’t compete with BMW and Audi because of the badge. I’m considering the S5 and Stinger GT myself. Now if you claim the Audi will offer a better dealership experience and more prestige, I wouldn’t disagree. Both are pluses for Audi. If I like both cars the same, maybe those factors will push me to buy the S5. But ultimately it’s the cars that matter. If the Stinger suits my needs better … winner Kia.

          • botornot387


        • botornot387

          Exactly and me experience comes from working in a dealer. No one cross shops a Kia with an Audi. Enthusiast or not. Kia is a mainstream brand and the continued insinuation that this car competes with those cars besides specs is laughable. None of these brands will lose a sale to Kia because you fail to realize the purchasing habits for luxury car buyers. In the same vein that Genesis has yet to make a dent in luxury car sales when they build decent enough cars. This vehicle is purely the Toyota Avalon equivalent to it’s sister Lexus/Genesis g50 or whatever stupid nomenclature it’s getting. Not knocking the vehicle by any means, just it’s aspirations. Like I said people shopping am Maxima and like cars will be most likely to consider this.

        • bd

          Kinda like how Mercedes thinks the S Class Maybach “competes” with the Phantom?

    • Jay

      If they have any hope its trying to compete with Lexus with dealership experience or otherwise no thanks-and also that Kia badge needs a heavy redesign.

    • jaykit

      Maxima is it. No better peer to the Stinger than that. Perfect.

    • Didn’t someone say the same thing when the R35 came to market? Yet if one quantifies the sales now the car didn’t do too bad.

  • nastinupe

    If this thing drive anything like the Kia Optima that I rented a couple of years ago then I won’t even come near it.

  • 31/12/2999

    Kia needs to change the design of the brand name, and another problem is that this car will depreciate fastly because is a kia 😭

  • jaykit

    The only sting is going to be to the dealers who have these $40K+ versions sitting on their lots for months. The 4 banger turbos will do just fine sales-wise though. Looks sell, not specs for the majority of buyers of this car. The high-end spec models like GT, GT1, will not move – not without cash on the hood. Watch.

    Finally, no BMW 4 series GC shopper is going to be weighing the 440i vs the Stinger GT whatever model. No way in hell. That’s like saying people were cross-shopping the Hyundai Genesis Coupe with the Audi A5 some years ago. Didn’t happen even though all of the press reviews were implying that. Although much improved across the board, we are still talking about the brand of Kia with shoppers. It does not and will not ever have a the luxury/performance cachet of a MB or BMW.

    • Jay

      as a potential GC buyer, I don’t see how this competes with a coupe design car… the stinger does not look like a coupe from any angle regardless having the same amenities. The Audi A5 sportback, BMW GC, even the new VW fall into that category….then theres the dealer network issue. I think people will have more issue with that then anything else. If Lexus had this car on their lots it would sell a lot better than at a shady KIA discount mall.

    • bd

      Wouldn’t be too sure of that.

      When the Genesis sedan was launched, a whopping 40% of buyers went for the V8 model.

      And in Australia, all the orders have been for the GT (no one is interested in the turbo-4).

  • Leconte Dave

    Might get one in summer

  • IFDU

    The bad thing about Hyundai/KIA: They have bad resale value.

    The good thing about Hyundai/KIA: The have bad resale value 😂

    My eyes are on the G70. A year from when it’s release it will be a bargain. And so will this.


  • pcurve

    Hard to argue with $31,900. Can’t be too many of those on the lot.

  • john1168

    This will be a great car but like others have said, I too think it will depreciate quickly. Putting the Genesis badge on it would help but then that would jack up the price. I’m seriously considering buying this car.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Looks pretty darn good in person. KIA’s already perching these in the middle of malls.

  • Nick099

    $45-$50k for a Kia?

    First off, no one is going to get it right the first time, so anyone buying is taking a chance with a fair sum of money.

    Kia has no brand “cache” as do the premium car companies. They make front-drive people movers…whooppee!

    There is an unknown depreciation factor at work here….no one knows what these will be worth in 2, 3, 4, 5 years out. On the hook for a $50k car only to find out it is worth $22k 2 years out is not a good feeling.

    I doubt we will see many GT’s sell “like hotcakes”….not for drifting or anything else…you can get one of the SRT twins, Camaro SS, Shelby Mustang for that money and little depreciation. The Kia Stinger is a nice idea that cribbed the Porsche Panamera design. It is for those that love the Porsche design, but cannot afford it. Most who love the Panamera but cannot afford a new one will simply buy a used example. So who are they selling to with $50 grand in their pockets???

    Not to mention we have a few successful examples of the kind of strategy Kia is trying to employ.
    When Lexis first started a few decades ago, they introduced a Mercedes “S” class clone. It was good. It emulated the Merc so very well in almost every proportion. But the big deal is it was half the price. Yep, you could pick up that Lexus for half the price of a comparable Mercedes. It took a few years, but the brand eventually caught on due to pricing and serious quality standards. The price of the cars then slowly began to rise.

    Bottom line: Kia’s pricing is way too close to the Germans. Which may spell trouble for this vehicle. This has also happened in the past, where a really good car with great potential is released, but due to poor planing and marketing is allowed to with on the vine. It then gets canceled after a few years, with company chuckleheads pointing to it as a sign of the failure of RWD/AWD platforms when it is their incompetence that is the real failure.

    Personally, I think it is a great first step…just needs to be less expensive for the higher end equipment. Hope Kia does well with it.

    • bd

      First off, it’s “cachet” and not cache.

      2nd, Audi, BMW and Mercedes (as well as Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti, Lincoln, Volvo and Acura) all make FWD “people movers” (and Mercedes makes commercial vans and trucks, including garbage trucks – whoppeeee! the stink).

      3rd, tnat’s what people thought of the Genesis sedan and the Stinger is way better all-around than the 1G Genesis.

  • Michelin

    Style is like à puzzle of different cars. Nose of BMW, front light of Alfa, some parts of Jaguar, rear end from Audi A5-A7….. Personally I prefer Alfa Giulia over Kia Stinger

  • Cameron

    Yeah but its a KIA……

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