Skoda Kodiaq GT Coming As A More Affordable Alternative To The BMW X4

Skoda have been planning a Coupe version of the new Kodiaq ever since their large SUV was unveiled last year, and it appears that they have christened it the Kodiaq GT.

An image posted by PCauto reveals the brand’s future product plan in China, which includes, among others, an SUV Coupe called (unofficially) Skoda Kodiaq GT.

Details about the crossover are limited at this time, but we’ve heard that beneath its design, largely inspired by the Kodiaq and defined by a coupe-like silhouette, is the VW Group’s MQB platform, shared with a variety of vehicles made under the close watch of the German automotive giant.

The engine lineup is believed to include several diesel and gasoline units, married to manual and dual-clutch automatic gearboxes, and the Skoda Kodiaq GT could also get a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

At the moment, Skoda’s new Coupe SUV, which will become a more affordable alternative to the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, will be strictly limited to the Chinese market. It remains to be seen whether it will be launched in Europe and other Western markets, as the option is currently on the table.


  • Jakub Kedzierski

    Fuck this boring car, check out the new yeti on the right. It has a SPARE wheel on the TAILGATE

    • Marty

      It seems the cool version of Yeti will be sold in China only, while the rest of the world will get a Yeti that is just another VW with different stickers.

  • Jambon

    The bigger news (at least from a volume perspective) is the suggested “Mainstream SUV” beside it. If that car isn’t Kodiaq or Karoq, what is it? Is there a version of it already in the VW empire? Is it the Atlas/Terramont? Is it only for China?

    • Sébastien

      Could be the tiny Seat Arona sibling
      But I’d say it’s fake/photoshopped: why would they list Yeti alongside Karis?

  • Sébastien

    That “Q” in Kodiaq GT doesn’t seem legit… More like a raw copy of the O

    • Marty

      …he wrote in a font were the Q and O has exactly the same shape. 🙂

      • Sébastien

        Of course but considering the angle at which the photo was taken, and the inconsistent sharpness… I doubt it’s real

        • Marty

          With so much compression artifacts it’s impossible to tell just by looking at it. And I see no reason why anyone would fake the text by creating their own Q. If it’s fake, more than that has been edited.