2018 Subaru BRZ Brings Modest Updates And A Higher Base Price

The Subaru BRZ is entering the 2018 model year with a host of improvements and a slightly higher sticker price.

Set to arrive at U.S. dealerships in January, the 2018 BRZ will be priced from $25,595 which is $100 more than last year’s model. To help offset the price increase, the BRZ has been equipped with a “Welcome Lighting” system which promises to provide better nighttime visibility when approaching or exiting the vehicle.

The 2018 BRZ has also been outfitted with a leather-wrapped shifter, one touch turn signals, and headlights that turn on when the windshield wipers are activated.

The entry-level BRZ Premium comes nicely equipped with LED headlights, remote keyless entry, and black seats with red contrast stitching. Drivers will also find a leather-wrapped steering wheel, an eight-speaker audio system, and an infotainment system with a 6.2-inch display.

The BRZ Limited starts at $28,445 and it adds LED fog lights, a dual-zone automatic climate control system, and a keyless entry system with a push-button ignition. Other highlights include leather / Alcantara heated front seats, a 4.2-inch multi-function display in the instrument cluster, and a 7-inch infotainment system with GPS navigation.

Options are fairly limited as the BRZ Limited can be equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission for $1,100. The Limited can be also be outfitted with a $1,195 Performance Package which adds high-performance shock absorbers, an upgraded braking system, and 17-inch alloy wheels with a black finish.

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  • Mill0048

    Cue the repetitive power complaints in 3…2…1…

    • Skydis

      As an owner, I can say, the power is not necessary, but it’s welcome. The people who just want more power for the sake of accelerating fast, don’t understand the car.

      • nastinupe

        I understand the car perfectly, it speaks Slowbrew. I used to speak it when I owned an S2000 and would get smoked by basically everything on the road. My response to every situation was “Bet you couldn’t take me in the twisties”. Am I right or am I right?

        • SteersUright

          hahaha, enjoyed ur comment.

        • Skydis

          Twisties and the track. I couldn’t care less about the traffic light racers

        • TotallyDisqusted

          Honestly S2000 power levels and performance would be a huge improvement to the twins.

      • SteersUright

        Hmm, so this is a very complicated, deeply intriguing car, understood only by those sworn into the cult of the slow? This first-attempt was most welcomed by all enthusiasts upon announcement, but what turned up on dealer lots was surely half-baked in so many ways. Not a bad sporty car by any means! But also not a terribly exciting one in every sense, from looks to engine noise to acceleration to braking, and even handling, despite its proficiency there. I’d argue a used base Boxster/Cayman would out-thrill more than this thing could any day.

        • Skydis

          It’s definitely not a Porsche, but it’s still an exciting car considering its price. Engine noise lacks, but almost every owner changes the exhaust. Acceleration is garbage, but for braking, well mine has Brembo’s. Handling is perfect, especially after burning out the stock tires and using something stickier. This is the car with potential. It’s low price gets you into the world of fun rwd cars, and then it’s up to you where you want to go from there with so much aftermarket options. The problem with a used Porsche, at least in Canada, would be insurance rates sadly. Like I said previously, the power isn’t necessary, but it’s welcome.

          • Vassilis

            I actually think it is necessary. In stock form it’s a fun car. Good chassis, handles very well. Now imagine it with 280hp.

          • Skydis

            If in stock form it’s a fun car, then the purpose of the car has been fulfilled. More is still welcome, but that would increase the price.

          • Vassilis

            I understand your point but if you’re constantly left wanting more power, it isn’t good enough, is it?

          • Skydis

            I’ve never been left wanting more power. The power it has is enough to make me smile when I’m going through twisties and sliding around. If I wanted more power, I’d just get a Mustang.

          • Vassilis

            But the Mustang isn’t as agile and sporty. Did you use to own something quicker before the BRZ (or the GT86 I don’t know which one you have).

          • Skydis

            I’ve never owned anything more powerful, but I have driven a few cars with quite a bit more power. C7 Z06 being the most powerful I’ve driven. You can get an agile Mustang in the form of a much more expensive Shelby. Everything, including power, comes at a price. I actually picked up another BRZ after my first one got totaled, that’s how much I love this car.

          • SteersUright

            I appreciate your point but I’d have to argue that at the near $30k we pay in the states for these, they aren’t “low price”. Therefore, they are judged appropriately as low on power. At $21k, nobody would be saying anything about the small, low capacity engine except for maybe wishing that a higher trim level with more power would be produced.

          • Skydis

            Okay see, now that puts things into perspective. Here in Canada, the BRZ starts at 28k CAD and tops out at 33k CAD for the Inazuma which is the Series.Yellow. For us it’s much more of a bargain than it is for you which is kind of strange.

    • Liam Paul

      well name other 10 sport cars that lack power like this does?

      • Krisnadi Imam

        every Miata, S2000, NSX, RX7, RX8, every entry level boxter, 1st gen Z3, 1st gen SLK, Porsche 914… well thats 9, can anyone help me with 1 more?

        All of these cars could really use 20-60 more HP, and they would be perfect.

        • Vassilis

          haha to be fair a few of them weren’t really that underpowered. The S2000 could still kill you with 240hp and the NSX had a good balance between power and handling. Also, I don’t know which RX-7 you have in mind but the 3rd gen was definitely not underpowered.

        • nastinupe

          The entry level boxster has 300 hp, about 50% more than this car. The NSX had 290 hp. I wouldn’t consider either of them slow. The RX-8 wasn’t really a sports car. The RX-7 has 255 HP but it was also very light and wasn’t slow. Back in 1993 255 HP was not bad. It’s 2017 almost 2018 and this car has what, 205 HP? Come on.

          • Krisnadi Imam

            well yea… i would say if BRZ has from 240 or 280 hp it would be awesome really.
            But come on, deep inside we all wished for a 300hp S2000 or a 350hp NSX no?
            btw, the entry level boxter i was thinking about is the 1st gen boxter with only around 200hp. now thats puny.

  • jsz00

    My Toyota Sienna V6 is still faster

    • Shahil Mohanlall

      In a drag race..

  • nastinupe

    POS shit car. Totally underpowered. Too bad because it’s really well balanced and not a bad looking car.

  • SteersUright

    Nice little sports coupe in desperate need of a thorough nip/tuck of the exterior, interior, and engine.

  • Liam Paul

    When are they really going to update this, it’s getting pretty long in the tooth. It’s what a decade old now? didnt it come out back in 2008 at the car shows, time to restyle this dinosuar

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      2012. Has time went as slowly for you as people perceive the car’s performance?



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