Bugatti Chiron Hit With Worldwide Recall

Bugatti has announced a recall of 47 examples of the 1,500 hp Chiron hypercar, 12 of which reside in the United States.

In what is just the latest example of high-priced exotics not being immune to recalls, Bugatti recently informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that a number of Chirons have faulty welds in the front seat recliner brackets.

The French automaker says it has notified all the affected owners and will transport each Chiron via enclosed truck to the most convenient Bugatti dealerships for inspections. If inspections reveal a faulty weld, Bugatti will replace the entire seating assembly.

Although deliveries of the Chiron commenced quite some time ago, the road is far from over for the car. Bugatti is widely expected to announce the Chiron’s top speed sometime in 2018 but it remains to be seen if it will top the 277.9 mph top speed record recently set by the Koenigsegg Agera RS.


  • joey

    Maybe they’ve realised it can’t beat the Koenigsegg and want to put in extra power, low-key.

    • Kingsley Mpofu

      why do that when there will be the super sports version👀

      • joey

        Just kidding, but the reason would be that every version of their car (flagship car if there are other models) should at a point have the title ‘world’s fastest car’.

  • datCubanguy

    Merde! there is a recall for one of the must expensive car in this world!.I can’t imagine what the cheap cars are hidding!!!

  • S3XY

    This sucks. Now I have to choose between my Agera, Aventador, 488, RR and 720S to drive

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      Not really, 720S is all in one.

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