Mercedes A-Class Interior Shots Confirm Hybrid With 50km Range

Following the release of images showing off the interior of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, keen-eyed observers online have noticed something we initially didn’t: one of the A-Class models pictured appears to be a hybrid.

If you look beyond the eye-catching three-spoke steering wheel, air vents and ambient lighting, you may notice an interesting read-out on the digital instrument cluster.

In the same dial as the rev counter, there is a small gauge with a battery symbol and a display stating the range and how much power remains in the battery.

In the press photos published by Mercedes-Benz, the range sits at 36 km but approximately 25 per cent of the battery’s power appears to have been drained. With the battery fully-charged, that should result in a 50 km (31 mile) range.

We’ve known for quite some time that the next-generation A-Class would get some form of electrification, most likely through a 48V electrical system. However, up until now, it hasn’t been known if the plug-in hybrid model would offer all-electric driving, yet these images seem to suggest it will. For a vehicle of this sort, a 50-km range is quite impressive.

Expect to see the all-new A-Class hatchback premiere at March’s Geneva Motor Show. Shortly after, Mercedes-Benz will introduce the A-Class Sedan in regular and long-wheelbase guises.


  • Christian Wimmer

    Nice. Those 50 km electric range appeal to me since my business trips not only involve a lot of highway traveling but also urban driving.

    I really hope the new A-Class is much improved over the old one, and I am not talking about performance but practicality. Because the current A-Class has fat A-pillars which hamper vision in a city environment. The transmission tunnel upfront is huge and space-robbing despite the transmission being transversely-mounted in the engine compartment. The trunk is a little small.

    I don‘t have these issues in my 2007 E87 BMW 118i. Despite being RWD the 1er feels more roomy and the trunk is big enough to hold several tripods, a light box for two 1200W lights and a 1 meter wide and half a meter high toolbox which I‘ve converted to hold my lenses, remotes etc. Then there‘s also the rear seats which I use to haul around other gear. When the current A-Class came out I checked it out and brought along some of my stuff to see if it would fit. It would not effectively and efficiently fit in the trunk the way it does in my 1-Series.

  • PK

    it’s that a good thing or a bad thing?

    • Alter Ego

      Good. 48V hybrids will increase efficiency and acceleration without draining the fun like a Prius.

  • Alter Ego

    I love the interior and I’d love a car like this but the A class is so ugly from most angles to me. Maybe it’s because I’m american and used to larger sedan and suv MBs.

    • Bash


    • Bram Morel

      Good thing then that this is the new A-class. Hopefully you’ll find it to be better looking. I have to say, as a European used to this size of cars, I like the current A-class a lot, but not in it’s base spec, only when AMG-equipped…

  • Bash

    from the first pic and the title, and with a simple calculation, i figured the total range (combined) is like 800Km.. that is seriously cool.

  • smartacus

    it also confirms a low redline.
    There is no way that engine
    takes Premium Unleaded.

    • Alter Ego

      It might. Many models, including hybrids (Highlander, chevy volt, etc) , recommend premium gas. Modern engines that do this can also take normal gas. It may just reduce performance and fuel economy and could cause occasional knocking. Also depends on what you consider low redline.

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