Watch Japanese Cop On Bicycle Chase And Pull Over A Lamborghini Huracan

A Japanese cop riding a…bicycle versus more than 600 Italian horses makes for a very unusual police chase in the Land of the Rising Sun.

It all started when the driver of an orange Lamborghini Huracan ran a red light and was seen by a police officer, who was patrolling the area on a bicycle.

Without thinking twice, the officer proceeds to chase the traffic code violator, and miraculously catches up with the supercar shortly after, pulling it over.

Some may find what comes next even more surprising, as the law enforcement agent kneels down so that he can engage the conversation at eye level, reminding us that respect and politeness are very much present in Japan.

The driver of the Lamborghini Huracan didn’t get away unpunished, with the officer handing him down a pricey ticket, before both of them carried on their way.


  • Christian

    I don’t think that the policeman after gonna find the nearest donut shop…

  • ace_9

    Wow, Japanese are really a different culture. The driver seems to be willing to acknowledge his mistake and pay the ticket, the mannerism of policeman, the type of bike he is using. It is like some parallel world.

    • Moveon Libtards

      It is very different. Even the gangsters respect the law sometimes. Common site. Orderly conservative society with the lowest crime rate in the world.

    • annon

      dude Japan is not another country, it’s “another planet”…everything here is uuhhmm…different…in a positive way though

      • ace_9

        by “here” you mean in Japan ? I know about some strange things there (only from internet), but it seems that the way of thinking is also quite different from the rest of the world. And I would also say that it mostly seems to be different in a positive way or at least not negative.

        • annon

          yup, talking about Japan, the way of thinking is indeed different from other countries but what I trully admire is the respect & discipline, and of course the car culture 🙂

          • LeStori

            I remember asking a Japanese Engineer a question about his companies product/process. When he could not answer, it he went so red we thought he was going to have a heart attack. There are also many other “peculiarities” when dealing with the Japanese.

            They seem to live by “the tallest nail gets hit” philosophy. Keep your head down and it won’t be you.

          • annon

            indeed, they are trully a different “breed” of people, but as already mentioned, I do admire them…for many things

      • bd

        While there are many positives, there’s a also a darker side to Japan.

        And like everywhere, there’s xenophobia or worse (esp. among a certain portion of the population).

        • Auf Wiedersehen

          “there’s xenophobia or worse”

          I can see this….I see it all the time it in the US with people from Japan, China and Vietnam.

    • Totally agree, if you make mistake in Japan it is honorable to admit and pay whatever the fines, because simply if they don’t they just gonna put humiliating tag on the car that says the owner has conduct traffic violations if I’m not mistaken.

  • Ameer Hassan Tajaldeen

    only in japan lol — japanese are one of the most tolerant and well mannered people on earth

  • リアル両津VS中川

  • Status

    Pure civility.

  • Shane

    The Japs make everything cute. If a cop on a bike tries to pulle over in my Mitsubishi Mirage I’m flooring it. Probably the only race I can win.

  • thunder bolt

    I’ve never seen a cop chit chat smiling and giving ticket at the same time until now.


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